Torch AR image tracking feature

Torch AR 2.0 Image Tracking Feature Video Guide

Today I’ve decided to try out the new version of Torch AR app for iOS. It’s a free app that was designed to help developers create prototypes when developing augmented reality apps.

I will try all the features. The first feature I tried is the image tracking one. I made a full video guide demonstrating how this feature work. You can use it to detect images and attach events and behaviors to them. For example, if the image that you’ve used is detected in the scene, you can make a certain 3D model in the scene rotate. If the camera lost tracking of the image, you can reset the scene.

I hope you find this video guide useful. I will be back with more video showing all the new features in Torch 2.0 soon, so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel┬áto get notified when I release new videos.