Two cat, virtual and real in augmented reality

Miaow: Your Exclusive AR Pet Review

Today I’ve decided to try out (yet again) to play the game Miaow: Your Exclusive AR Pet. This is a virtual pet simulator where you have a chance to play around with a cute virtual cat in augmented reality.

The reason that I said “Yet again” is because I’ve already tried playing it, but the app just didn’t want to detect any surface. I really don’t have any idea why. All the ARKit apps that I did try worked well but this one didn’t.

Anyways, today I launched the app again and finally was able to make it work. After a few moments, an adorable cat spawned right in the living room.

Miaow: Your Exclusive AR Pet, or let’s just call it Miaow for short, has some nice interactions. You can use a laser pen to play with the cat, you can put a food bowl on the floor so he can eat and even to Miawo CAt and it will respond to you. The game encouraged to test different words to see how the cat reacts.

I’ve read on the app’s page that the developer does plan to add more items, to add a mini-game and optimize the game for the iPad.

I’ve played the game on the iPad and the experience was really bad. Another person would have just deleted the app after a few seconds, I’ve spent like two mites trying to make the at appear in my living room.

The animations are laggy, floaty and choppy and this virtual pet ARKit app is probably the least optimize among all the ones that I’ve tried. I do hope that the developer will fix those issues because the game is close to being unplayable at its current version (I’ve played version 1.2.0).

Now let’s talk about the things that I liked about the game. Miaow, like other virtual pet ARKit apps, can produce some really enjoyable experiences. It’s the first virtual pet app that has a cat that I had a chance to play. I’ve played Follow Me Dragon, AR Dragon and My Very Hungry Caterpillar and all of them produce some memorable moments.

Miaow was also able to create such magical moment. It was when my cat (real cat) was in the living room and I used the laser pointer to make Miaow get closer to my real cat—and this happened.

The moment that Miaow jumped on my cat, that moment was just magical. Obviously, Miaow isn’t aware of the physical cat nor my real cat aware of him (maybe in ARKit 2.0), but that spontaneous moment was really beautiful to look at and of course, I immediately pressed the camera button to capture that moment. I am happy that I was also able to capture it in a video so you can know what I am talking about, instead of trying to explain it just in words.

The thing is that there are better ARKit virtual pet apps on the App Store. I feel kind of sad because I really wanted a cat virtual pet to play with for a change, not only dragons. I will update the review to reflect the changes once the developer fix the issues in the game and add more features.