Virtual dragon pet with a real cat side by side

Follow Me Dragon Review (ARKit)

Today I came across another pet simulation game called Follow Me Dragon by The Virtual Reality Company where you get to enjoy the company of a super cute dragon called Drake. If you follow my blog you probably know that I’ve already reviewed another virtual pet simulator called AR Dragon which also features a virtual dragon pet.

The be honest, the first time I saw Follow Me Dragon, I thought it was the same game, but I remember that the name of the game was different, so I’ve decided to download it and try it out as well.

Follow Me Dragon vs AR Dragon

The first thing I did was trying to figure out what’s the differences between these two games. So I think that because at the moment there aren’t many ARKit Pet simulation games, it would be nice to talk about the differences between these two adorable games.

Follow Me Dragon is a different game than AR Dragon. AR Dragon focuses on raising a little dragon, feeding him, entertaining him and watch him grow every day. For each activity you do you get bonus points which you can use to buy props and skins for your dragon.

Follow Me Dragon game screenshot
He returned the ball to me, I think Drake the dragon wants tom petting.

Follow Me Dragon has a dragon virtual pet as well, but its main focus is not on raising a pet but enjoy watching him follow you everywhere you go, kind of like a real pet. In AR Dragon, the dragon just sits in place, it static and doesn’t walk or fly or follow you.

Now, in both games, you can play ball with your dragon, but AR Dragon is more fun because you both can pass the ball to each other using your head and it’s a really fun activity. In Follow Me Dragon you just pass the ball to your dragon and he brings it back, like a well-disciplined doggy 🙂

Follow Me Dragon doesn’t have props and you don’t need to obtain points to change his color. You just use the color slider that changes his color in real-time. AR Dragon has more cool and unique skins (E.g. gold, ice, black, etc).

Overall, AR Dragon offers more content, some are behind a paywall but Follow Me Dragon isn’t free-to-play. I bought it for $1.99, which isn’t expensive either. Both games have adorable dragons and it’s up to you to decide which one you prefer or just download them both.

Ways to Interact with your Virtual Pet

One of the things that hooked me straight away was how adorable that dragon looks like. The moment he appeared in the room I wanted to hug him. In fact, you can pet him and he reacts to that in various ways.

Drake the dragon, virtual pet
So adorable! Just look at him, can it get any cuter than that?

This cute dragon has huge eyes and you just can’t not fall in love with him. You can even pinch him and watch him become small like an ant. I first thought this was a bug only later I’ve read that this is just a feature in the game, silly me. Sometimes he just does his stuff like looking around or farting (yes, he fart sometimes, how I know that, he makes a far sound and there is green gas cloud behind back), but you can always poke him to grab his attention. You can double tap him to make him do tricks and pose for the camera and you can also pick him up.

I caught you farting 🙂  don’t play like nothing happened.

Ingenious Gameplay Mechanic

The main gameplay mechanics here is in letting your dragon walk or fly after you. If the dragon is a bit far away he will fly in the air and it’s beautiful to see it happen on screen.

There was a moment in this game that I’m sure I’ll never forget and this is why that Follow-me gameplay mechanic is so clever and immersive.

When I recorded some gameplay footage on the screen I was always looking at the screen and interacted with the dragon, but listen to this. It happened me twice that when I wasn’t looking at the screen and walking back to my house that I was looking back to see where the dragon is, I mean looking back on the street, not my iPad. It happened once when I stopped recording and the second time when I opened the door to the house after filming a short clip before I went back into the house.

This was just indescribable, the way that the game affected me. It was like I was with a real pet, not a virtual one. This moment for me was one that Ill probably never forget. This is one thing that an Augmented Reality game can do that no other game can. I mean, I can’t remember any other game that tricked my mind that way. I don’t know if the developer planned it, if so—Chapeau!

Oh, by the way, our little dragon doesn’t like the dark. Once I was outside, I tried tapping in a dark area to call him to come but the game just didn’t accept it. Only when I was in a well-lit area it worked.

Take a Picture of your Virtual Pet (Photo Mode)

Follow Me Dragon comes with its own built-in camera button which you can use you take some pictures. This is actually essential because the only other way to take a picture is grabbing a screenshot, but that’s going to also include the user interface. When you use the camera button in the app, it serves as a Photo Mode, so it captures the scene without the user interface.

Follow Me Dragon Photo mode
Follow Me Dragon Photo mode. Look how cute they both are together. I had to take a picture, just had to.

I took some really cool shots of my lovely dragon sitting near my cat. It was such a funny and enjoyable moment to behold. For some moment it looks like the cat is aware of the dragon. Of course, I know it’s not possible, but my mind even at a short period of time, really accepted that there were two animals out there, that conflict in my mind, made me laugh so much. Again, this game produced some unexpectable and magical moments for me.

A Magical Experience, not just for Kids

It’s really hard to explain in words the experience I had, although I tried my best. think it’s better to just watch the gameplay video just to get a glimpse of what this game is all about. If then, I don’t think that the video can inflict the emotional response, you really had to try it yourself. You might not experience the same thing, but I think that it will work magically on kids, I just feel it.

Follow Me Dragon, Drake with me in the building
Drake just follow me from outside to the well-lit area inside the building, he just elegantly flew over here with sparkling particle’s trail behind him.

My experience with this simple digital pet game was way more than I expected it to be. I thought the review will take just a few lines and that’s it, but as you can see, something has changed as I played it. Even I was alone in the dark alley outside late at night I didn’t feel lonely, I really felt that there was someone else with me. It was virtual but it didn’t change what I feel. Just think about it, this is something big.

The music and sound effects in this game are really good, no complaints here. I also really liked the particle effects which look amazing outdoors at night.

Not Everything Was Perfect Though

I can’t ignore the fact that the game does lack content and a progression system which  hurts the replay value of the game, I am positive that I’ve tried everything that the game offers, but if I miss something, please drop me a line.

I don’t know how many times people will log on just to let the dragon follow them and play with him. This is why a pet simulator should have some sort of a progression system to make people come back for more, looking after their pet and watch him grow. Although I enjoyed my short experience with it, That being said, I do see kids enjoy taking photos of other people, places and pets with this dragon in the frame and sharing it on social networks.

it ‘s also glitchy sometimes and it took the app quite some time to locate and appropriate surface to spawn the dragon on. For some reason, it wouldn’t spawn on the table in the living room and it isn’t that tiny. Furthermore, sometimes the dragon was snatched out of place and the ball interaction wasn’t that user-friendly in my opinion.


If you ask me, I think that this virtual pet simulator game is worth buying, especially for kids. I’m sure kids will love this game. I had the opportunity to experience something really great while playing it but I am not sure that everyone will experience it the same way, I do hope you will. I had to share every tiny bit of my experiences because other people might experience the same thing.

So overall, the game just fall short due to lack of content and low replay value but it does it does hold a premise to give players a very satisfying AR experience that really showcases the magical experiences that this ARKit technology is capable of producing once in the hands of talented developers.

I have to say that I wished this game was more than what it is, I wish it could offer something more, but nothing can take the magic from this game, it’s there. I did visit the official developer website and there the developer mentioned that Drake is just the first dragon. So we can expect more dragons, each one with its own unique personality. The developer also mentioned that the dragons will serve as the foundation for a new experience. These are great news and trust me, I will be download it the moment it’s out.

Follow Me Dragon


A relatively simple Virtual Pet Simulator game that can produce some really magical moments. The game does lack content and a progression system that impedes its replayability. Having said that, I am very positive that kids will love it and will enjoy sharing photos with this dragon on social networks. The music, sound effects, and animations work wonderfully together to form a really enjoyable augmented reality experience.