Cubiti Party AR Game

Cubiti Parti – Competitive Local Multiplayer Party Mini-Games for iOS

Cubiti Parti came as a really good surprise. Cubiti Party by Playstack is an ARKit local multiplayer game that features a collection of super fun and well-designed party mini-games.

You can play alone or with up to 3 other players to play with you locally. There are some really cool games, and when I’ve read that the developer plans to add even more games to the roaster I got even more excited.

I personally liked the walking-on-rope competitive AR party game where you need to balance your character and make it reach the end before your friends do. I imagined how fun it would be when seeing one of my friends fall over as I am walking to victory.

This is a must-have game in my opinion, and I want more people to be aware of it. It actually fell out of my radar and I am happy that I came across it and tried it out.

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