robots coming out from the walls

Robots Blasting Out through your Living Room Walls

Today, while confined to the room because of bad weather, I’ve decided to play some AR games to pass the time and of course, share my experience with you. One of those games that I had to play is Defend It! AR. I already reviewed Defend It! AR and I liked it a lot. The game also received AR Critic’s Editor’s Choice award in 2018.

Actually, this was the perfect game to play in my little room in Osaka, Japan. I had a big wall in front of me which I could play the game and a little one on the balcony. I played in both places.

In Defend It! AR you try to survive waves of robot attacks. Those robots come out from your own room walls and try to destroy your crystal. Your goal is to defend your crystal by eliminating all the robots in each wave. Then you move on to the next wave which is even harder than the previous one.

As you progress you’ll through the waves and finish missions, you’ll obtain coins which you can use to upgrade your power-up abilities and primary weapon fire-rate and power.

This is a fantastic game and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.