UFOto! Game Review – Discover Alien Ships in the Sky

UFOto! is a mixed reality game for iOS and Android. Users need to observe the real world sky to track and take photos of aliens in order to eventually discover the reasons why they arrive on Earth. Are they friendly or do they plan to conquer our planet?

UFOto! features narrative that follows the players as they progress through there discoveries and locating new types of alien ships in the real world skies.

This amazing augmented reality game is kind of a hide-and-seek game, in which aliens will fly behind buildings and other objects in the real world, and your goal is to track them down when they appear in the sky/ There is also a hyper vision mode that allows you to see them behind objects, and this mode can also be used when playing the game at night or indoors.

this game uses computer vision based occlusion which occludes the spaceships so they appear moving behind and on top of buildings. This makes a huge difference in terms of immersion and authenticity of the experience.

I compiled a long in-depth review, but there is so much to talk about this game that I plan to make more videos of it. There is a lot to learn from this game, more than I explained in the initial review.

Editor's Choice Award 2019

UFOto! also wins AR Critic’s Editor’s Choice Award of 2019 and joins other great AR games that stood out from the rest and delivered unique and compelling AR experiences.

Here is UFOto! full video review. I recommend watching it fully.