Swipy Trash AR game

Swipy Trash – Educational AR Game about Animals and the Environment

This AR game called Swipy Trash was developed by grade 6 students and Yuma Soerianto among them. It’s an educational augmented reality game developed using ARKit or iPhone and iPad that supports ARKit.

In this game, you need to swipe on items thrown by animals in their natural environment. Swiping left will throw the item in the recycle bin and swiping right will throw the items to the garbage. It’s up to you to choose which is the right answer. If you fail or if it took you too long and the item touched the ground it’s game over. If you made the right choice, you get a point and continue playing.

The game has several levels that change, including the animal in it based on your progression, the amount of score you achieve. It’s a simple arcade AR game aimed for the young ones that also brings an important message about us needing to take care of not just the environment we live in, but the environment that animals live in and especially areas we share together.

The app is available for free on the App Store.