AR Bounceball

AR Ball bouncing game for Android (ARCore)

Today I went outside to relax a bit. After my computer malfunctioned and I had to install all the necessary software, I got tired. Anyways, I got out, and as you know me, can’t live a second without augmented reality. I searched google play to see if there are any simple arcade AR games to play. I found out a game called AR Bounceball.

This is a simple arcade game where the goal is to try to bounce the ball on the plate as many times as possible without the ball touching the floor. As you progress, the speed of the ball increases, so it’s harder to move the plate to catch it at the right time.

Very simple AR game, but was fun for the duration I played it as I was waiting to get into a restaurant.

Here is my full review of AR Bounceball. Hope you enjoy it.