Rocket launch to space in AR

Rocket Launched to Space in Augmented Reality

Today I went to the part to test out an app called AR Starship, which is as of the time of writing, in closed beta testing. So the footage you see in the video below was captured using a beta version of this augmented reality Android app.

This app allows you to launch a 380 feet rocket into space using augmented reality technology. I have to admit that I was fascinated by the idea that I can actually see a rocket launch in true-scale right in front of me. I went to the park deliberately to test this app because I wanted to get the best immersion and of course this means that there was no way that I would have tested this app indoors or at the street or backyard.

It was well worth it, and I was truly immersed by it. I sent some recommendations to the developer of things that I personally want to see improved.

Here is the first look at AR Starship beta version. Keep in mind that anything you see in this video might change when the full version of the app is released to Google Play.

An iOS version might come as well, I’ll be in touch with the developer and update you if and when an iOS version of AR Starship is coming to iPhone/iPad (iOS).