Web AR demo

Web AR Markerless Demo You Can Try Out yourself

Today I’ve decided to try out some of the Web AR demos from 8th Wall. 8th Wall has an amazing technology that allows instant augmented reality for any website. As of the time of writing it supports Safari, Chrome, and Firefox (more detailed browser support information on the official website).

As a web developer myself, I am very interested in creating my AR experiences and share it with you. Here is a video I made showing 8th Wall Web markerless AR example of a little cute dino.

I need to spend more time learning more about the 8th Wall SDK and to understand all of its capabilities but it looks very promising and it works flawlessly. By that I mean, that the SLAM feature was very precise without jittering and with good frame rate for the three demos that I did try.

You can go to the main website at 8thwall.com here and point iOS or Android camera app and it will detect the QR codes and load the AR experience that you wish to try out. You don’t need a QR code scanner, it’s built into Android and iOS camera apps by default.

You can also signup for 8th Wall for free and upload your own 3d model which creates an AR camera for the mobile web which you can later share with other people so they can view your 3D model in augmented reality (AR).

Reall cool stuff, can’t wait to share more of my experience with 8th Wall with you in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks.