Fruit Ninja like game with guns

Fruit Ninja like AR Arcade Shooting Game for iOS

Today I’ve downloaded a game called AR Sharpshooter. It’s an augmented reality game for iOS that is designed around the same basic concept of the popular mobile (also now in VR) game called Fruit Ninja.

In this game, instead of using a sword to slice up fruits, you use guns to shoot fruits, dishes, bottles, and other items. If a bottle hits the floor you lose 1 life and if you shoot a bomb it’s game over.

Once the game starts, you need to start shooting objects that come out of a wooden box that was placed on the floor in front of you. This is an augmented reality game, and the device is used as the controller. You need to aim with your iPhone or iPad where you want the gun to shoot and tap to shoot. You have single-firing weapons like pistols, as well as fast-firing automatic rifles like the MP5.

The core concept of the game is fun, which is quite similar to Fruit Ninja, but I would prefer something much more flashy, colorful,  vibrant, and explosive with amazing sound effects which I do get in Fruit Ninja but I didn’t find it here, not to the same degree as I wanted.

The shooting feels pretty good, with authentic sound effects for the object breakage which made shooting them fund and quite addictive.

Here is a video review I made of the game AR Sharpshooter, a Fruit Ninja style game but with guns – Enjoy!