Landscaping app

Landscaping Design Augmented Reality App for Android & iOS

Today I went down to try to decorate and landscape design the backyard in the building. I used AR Landscaper app by Priori Studios. The company developed other home decor apps like AR Home Flooring and AR Home Painter, which like their name suggest, the first one is for previewing different flooring options and the other one for previewing walls colors – both using augmented reality.

In AR Landscaper you can transform your yard by positioning trees, bushes, plants and some decor items (e.g. pond) in order to see how they look in your yard and decide whether you want to actually buy them and use them in your own yard.

This app significantly helps with the buying decision phase by allowing consumers to pre-visualize the product before actually ordering it online. In the future, you’ll see this not just as an app, but as part of a store browsing experience. Some companies are actually using it right now using web AR visualization technologies like 8thWall in order to allow users to preview a product straight from the web browser and see how it looks using augmented reality. Apple has done it using USDZ file format, allowing users to link to a 3D model file which can be recognized by many Apple apps on users iPhone and iPad mobile devices without the need for a dedicated iOS app.

I actually used it myself to award the developer of Blue Sky Paint a 3D AR trophy by linking to a USDZ file from within the review itself.

Here is my video review of AR Landscaper, enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel on the way, thanks.