AR Coloring app

Game of Colors – AR Coloring App for Kids and Adults Alike

Today I downloaded an iOS app called “Game of Colors: Coloring & AR”. This is a coloring drawing app developed by Oleksii Uslavtsev. This coloring iOS app can be used in regularly without AR, but users have the option to with a tap of a button, position the drawing on top of a flat surface or a wall.

This color drawing app is for both kids and adults alike. It has thousands of drawings (the app is free, but many of the drawings are for subscribing users only). You have a color wheel which you can choose a color, many drawing tools to give you more creative control,

Having said all that, the Augmented Reality experience on my iPad, was one of the worse that I had. I am using an ARKit-enabled device that allowed me to test and review a lot of augmented reality (AR) apps, but this one was jittery, had a low frame rate, cut-off frame, and bad detection.

I hope this will be fixed because I actually want to have some fun coloring on top of a drawing on the table in the living room, but I just couldn’t do it because the AR experience was so bad.

If you are searching for a mobile coloring app for kids and adults, one that has tons of pictures and a good set of drawing tools, I recommend trying Game of Color, but the AR mode was bad, at least for me. Maybe it will work better on your device but such a bad performance on my iPad, which is relatively a new device is unacceptable.

Download Game of Colors from the App Store (for iPad and iPhone) here.