Blackjack in mixed reality

InnoVegas AR Blackjack Casino iOS Game Gameplay

Today I went to the park to play a Blackjack augmented reality game called InnoVegas AR Blackjack Casino for iOS (developed by PlaySpark). I will share a full review once this game gets its multiplayer game mode but until then I made a video sharing my initial impressions.

As you can see from this video, my first impressions are very positive. Right now you play just vs the house without any other players in the table. Still, I could easily feel how it would be like playing this game with other people as a social casino game in AR.

That feeling alongside other features that I know that will be in the game, others that I hope will be, made me realize how amazing this AR experience can be if all those features are added. I’ve already seen in a video where the developer has mentioned voice chat, and in the app, you can see that Poker is coming soon as well.

Combine this with cross-platform / cross-device gameplay (AR/MR/VR), voice acting for the dealer, face recognition (animoji like for your avatar)  and manual gestures for the avatar, lip-synching for the avatar, unlockable content, social hub, have avatar not just of people,   real face with AR props instead of the avatar’s head, dealer personalized interactions (remembers events from the past), cool intro animation of someone walking into the room joining the table in AR, customization items, and more, and this game is going to boom.

There are many ways to make this game awesome, but it doesn’t mean that it needs to have it all. Even in its current state, it already looks very impressive: it has nice high-quality visuals and animations, the text is clear to read, the avatar’s character 3D design looks great, the AR experience felt comfortable and everything worked fast without any awkward usability issues, the UI looks nice and clean. In my review, I will share much more in-depth analysis of the game and as you know me, I always have something to say, add or suggest for AR games.

So overall, first impressions are very positive as I said, and I can definitely see this game, with more features, added, being the best alternative and in time will replace the current flat standard casino mobile games that we have on the app stores.

I will continue to follow this game and will share with you more information about it when the time comes.