Paint in Augmented Reality

Digital Art Painting AR app – World Brush

Today I went outside on a cold rainy day to try out World Brush. I couldn’t go far away because Iw as quite sick, so I’ve decided to stay close to the house and review a casual app, something that can also be relaxing. I searched for some drawing augmented reality apps on the app store and came across World Brush.

World Brush is a social paint AR app where users can draw using brushes in the real world space. Everything that you draw persist in the same location that it was drawn (more or less, GPS accuracy). This way, other people who come through the area can see your digital artwork. The art is saved anonymously, so there are no profiles, just date, and location where the art is drawn.

You can also use the map to discover other drawings in your area. There is also an option to view random drawings of other people from all around the world in your location without the need to be physically in the location where they were drawn, but again, it’s random. There is also a third option of viewing the top 20 voted drawings in the world (I guess it’s in the world because the locations were from all around the globe).

Well, I made an in-depth review about World Brush and I want to share it with you, so here we go.

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