slingshot AR game

CatapultAR – Slingshot Local Multiplayer ARKit Game

Today I went out to the park to try out the local multiplayer ARKit game called CatapultAR by Samuel Lim. It’s a local multiplayer game where you compete against other players locally. You need to use a slingshot to take down your opponent’s slingshots. If you take all three you win the match.

To shoot you need to get close to the slingshot, hold your finger on the screen and physically move back in order to stretch the slingshot rope. The longer you pull, the more powerful the shot becomes.

It’s a really fun game. I played it with myself today at the park, but of course, it can be really fun when you play it against and with friends.

Here is a video review I made that explains about the game so you can see how it is played and maybe be encouraged to download it yourself (it’s free) and play it with friends. Just keep in mind that this game required an ARKit-enabled device running iOS 12.0. iOS 12.0 comes with ARKit version 1.5 that enabled this type of local shared gameplay experiences.