Untamed Arena, backyard gameplay

Playing Untamed Arena in the Backyard and some Thoughts

Today I’ve decided to play some more Untamed Arena. I gave the toys to my niece so she can try out the app as well. It was actually different playing on the grass there, and I liked how beautifully the level design blended with the grass on the ground.

In fact, it made me think how amazing it would be if there was an image recognition thing running behind the scene, detecting the surface and surrounding objects and creating a level that seamlessly blends with the environment.

I think it can be a great idea for Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality games and other types of applications. When the virtual content blends better, it makes it appear a more seamless part of the real world, but it’s important that it appears as part of it, and this is why if the game could deploy a level that matches the environment, it would create a more immersive experience. It might not be good for any app, but in this particular case, I think that the level design, which is mostly used for decoration purposes, could benefit from dynamic level generation based on image recognition.

OK, here is the gameplay video of me playing Untamed Arena, I think you can judge it yourself, enjoy.