Unboxing Fingerlings Untamed Dino Toys

I was planning to play Untamed ARena for quite some time. but I really wanted to have the full experience and for that, I needed to have at least one of those adorable dino Fingerlings which are manufactured and distributed by WowWee Group Limited. Happy Giant, the developer of Untamed ARena AR game (I will talk about the game in-depth in the next article), sent me two Untamed dino toys. The first one is a Raptor (Velociraptor) named STEALTH and the second one is a T-Rex (Tiranosaurio) named RIPSAW.

These toys are sold separately from the app. They can be played without the app, same goes with the app, which can be used without owning any of these toys, however, the app has a Fingerling scanning feature that allows unlocking more dinos by scanning these toys with the built-in scanner.

If you are just interested in the unboxing, scroll down for some great pictures or watch the unboxing video here below.

What are Fingerlings by WowWee?

Fingerlings are physical toys that have been designed so they can be easily attached to your finger but they can also be attached to other small objects like a pencil, your smartphone, a drawer handle, etc.

The official website fingerlings.com features a large selection of fingerlings.  What’s unique about the Fingerlings is that they respond for user interaction. The Fingerlings dolls have sensors embedded in them. For example, the dinosaur Fingerlings that I’ve got have two sensors, one at the noise and another at the back of their head.  They also have a microphone in their mouth and an on/off switch button at the back.

Users can interact with their Fingerlings and watch their reaction. The Untamed Fingerlings have two modes: Tamed and Untamed, and the Untamed Fingerlings react differently depends on the mode they are at. When in “Tamed” mode, your dinos will be friendly, and when you change the mode to “Untamed” mode (using different interactions), the beast inside him is unleashed and it becomes relentless and restless (probably like a real dinosaur would if you have done this to it LOL).

To tame your Untamed Fingerlings you need to stroke its head starting at the noise and ending at the back of its head or in the opposite direction. To change to “Untamed mode”, you need to either Poke its face 3 times, hand it upside down (LOL, my favorite) or shake it.

Your adorable Untamed dinos by Fingerlings recognized many types of external stimuli.

  • Petting (from the noise to the back of the head)
  • Tap the noise once, twice or three times
  • Tap the back of the head once, twice or three times
  • Press and hold the noise and head sensor
  • Press and hold the back of the head
  • Clap once or twice
  • Hand the Fingerling upside down
  • Blow in its face
  • Cradle him

Each one of these interactions will result in a different behavior. These type of interactions really help bring this toy to life and you fall in love with them immediately, no matter if you are a child or an adult. The first touch was magical, a static toy object suddenly came to life in my own hand, making cute noises, moving its head, opening its mouth and even blinking with its eyes!

According to the printed label on the box, an Untamed Fingerling can make more than 40 different sounds – impressive.

What I really liked about those mechanical raptor toys is that their reaction can be sometimes unpredictable so it feels like they have a soul of their own. It’s funny that they have two modes, one that makes them behave nicely, another one that releases their ferocious predator behavior. They respond to sound, motion, and touch, same as real animals, which is one of the things that make these toys so enjoyable to interact with. It really feels like you have your little baby dinosaur pet in a way.

What is Untamed ARena?

Untamed ARena is a standalone augmented reality game for iOS (Android coming soon as of the time of writing) where users can bring those Untamed Fingerlings creatures to life.

You can play the game without owning a physical Fingerling toy, but buying those toys allows you to unlock new dinos, add them to your collection, bring them to life in AR, and fight with them against other dinos.

To unlock a new creature, you need to use the scanning feature in the app to scan yUntamedtame Fingerling toy and it comes alive from that same place you placed the toy at. Once unlocked, you can level it up, unlock new abilities and make it fight against other dinos, whether those of your friends or against AI opponents.

In iUntamed, Untamed ARena is a 1-vs-1 dinosaur fighting game. It employs simple fighting mechanics, which include defensive and offensive moves.

One of the key features of this games is aside from playing it using touch gestures, to play it with full body motion, what the developer refers to as “Full body AR”.

So for example, you can swipe left or right to dodge an attack, or alternatively, move your body left or right.  Instead of tapping to initiate a swipe attack, you can just move your body forward. You can also move your phone (your hand) up or down in order to move your dino instead of using a screen swipe gesture.

Each dino has its special ability, which is a powerful attack that is charged during the battle. You can collect more special abilities as you level up.

Win fights to gain XP to level up your character and player and obtain food items. Food items can be given to your creatures and those yield different reactions. They are for entertainment purposes only, they don’t actually affect the growth of the dinosaur, strength or its abilities Oh, and you can also tap on the ball icon to play fetch with your creatures, it’s really entertaining!

I will talk more about the battle part of the game in-depth in the next article.

Unboxing Stealth & Ripsaw Untamed Fingerlings

Unboxing Ripsaw and Stealth Untamed Fingerlings
Unboxing Ripsaw and Stealth Untamed Fingerlings

I was so excited to get my hands on those two amazing Untamed fingerlings. When I opened the box, there were two Untamed dino Fingerlings waiting for me there, the first one was Stealth (brown body with green accent color) and the other one was Ripsaw, a redded body T-rex dinosaur with a grey back, light grey tummy and yellow eyebrows.

Untamed Fingerlings box back sideI really love the box which the Fingerlings came with, very detailed with a nice artistic touch. Both Fingerlings are about 5-inches tall (~12.5cm) and approx. 4.7″ wide with the tail facing up.

You can manually rotate their head, which also makes their mouth open, as well as rotate their tail. Their hands and legs are quite stiff but are flexible enough to make them fit on slightly thicker thumbs or objects.

At the back, there is the battery compartment, where you can insert 4x “LR44 / AG13” Button Cell Batteries, which are included and already inserted into the toy.

The box also contains a cartoon sleeve with some pictures of other Untamed dino Fingerlings like “Scratch”, “Tracker”, and “Ripsaw”. Inside that sleeve, you can find some user manuals in different languages.

Here are some pictures I took as I unboxed my two adorable little Untamed Fingerlings.

By the way, Ripsaw has a unique feature, it comes with a metal spine, which I assume should make him more durable. Speaking of durability, these toys are made of high-quality materials. They have a nice texture, accurate coloring and they moving parts feel durable and not flimsy or lose. The body is made of strong plastic and the legs sims to be a strong rubbery material. So overall, they feel solid, which is good, not like toys that you feel like they are going to break any second.

You can buy Fingerlings from many authorized resellers. For more information, I recommend visiting the Where to Buy page on wowee.com website or ordering them from amazon.com on this dedicated page.

Don’t Get Your Untamed Fingerlings too Spoiled

No doubt, unboxing these two Untamed Fingerlings was a very enjoyable experience. It got even better once I turned them on an interacted with them. These are the type of toys that just make you want to interact with them non-stop, especially when they have so many different voice reactions embedded in them.

In the next article, we’ll take a closer look at Happy Giant’s app, Untamed ARena. We’ll unlock both Stealth and Ripsaw within the app, bring them to life in augmented reality (AR) and let them fight in fierce battles against other AR Fingerling dinosaurs. We will level them up and see what other cool features this app feature.

Download Untamed Arena from the App Store here.