AR Zoo

AR Zoo Animal World – Realistic-looking Virtual Animals in AR

A few days ago, I went to take a video showing the app AR Zoo Animal World. As you can see from the video below, it turned out to be more exciting than I expected it to be. This mainly due to the beautiful 3D models, animations and realistic sounds that help bring those animals to life in augmented reality like never before.

I think that the main reason we don’t see these high-quality 3D models is that one, they are more expensive to purchase, and second, it kinds of limit the app functionality as those complex 3D models have a negative impact on performance. I think this is the reason why you couldn’t actually place more than one model in the real world space, just one at a time.

Here is the video.

I recommend downloading the app and trying it out. I especially liked the hippopotamus, it rendered so beautifully and I liked the cute animations, seems like it is laughing LOL.

You can download this AR app from the App Store here.