Stay Puft, Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters World – Fighting Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Ghost

Today I woke up in the morning and saw that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ghost is about to spawn 2.7 km (1.7 miles) from my location. However, I couldn’t get there in time and I’ve decided not to go.

A few hours later, I saw that Stay Puft spawned again in the same place, but this time I had an hour to reach the pace, so that’s what I did.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about. I am playing the AR game Ghostbusters World on my Android, also available for iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Stay Puft is one of the multiplayer boss fights in Ghostbusters World. There are single-player bosses as well, which I fought against before, but I never fought against Stay Puft.

I was very excited to get there and fight him myself. I wondered how many Ghostbusters World players will actually be there.

I walked to that exact area where Stay Puft should spawn. I was shocked to see that they have decided to put in in a large park, where many people are located. Not just that, the area that Puft spawned looked like it was designed exactly for that fight, a 30×30 meters empty area located close to the park. Of course you Ghostbusters World players can fight to Stay Puft even many meters away, still, I wanted to be in the exact location. I don’t know how they decide on the location, but it was just amazing how perfect that place was for a multiplayer fight.

The bad news is that once I was there, I saw no other Ghostbusters World players near me, I was all alone.  Now, maybe there were some players, but I saw no other rooms available, no room that I can join and play with other players. What I did is to create a room myself (free without a password, so anyone can join) and started the fight myself.

Once the timer reaches zero, Stay Puft came up from the ground and it was a beautiful moment to behold. Honestly, I wish that was in augmented reality, such a wasted opportunity if you ask me. Puft is huge and you could definitely see it from far away, but I was right next to it, so it appeared so big on the map, and I could only see its feet. I then moved the camera up a bit and then I was able to see its face.

Before the fight begun, I made sure I have plenty of ammo. I brought like 1000 ammo or two weapons. I also replaced the standard proton gun and used the second weapon just in case, because you can’t capture Stay Puft only destabilize him and the standard weapon that allows capturing ghosts has a low DPS.

You want to fight ‘Stay Puft’ because if you obtain 50 spirit shards of him, you can create him as a ghost and use it as part of your team. You can do this with other bosses as well, but Stay Puft is the hardest one and requires more spirit shards to create a replica of him.

Anyway, The battle has begun and I fought against him all by myself. I’ve chosen the ‘Easy’ mode, which is less rewarding, but I just didn’t have any other option. It obviously could have cost me much less ammunition if I was with other players, and this is why I recommend going there with friends, it cost much less.

Keep in mind that after you win against Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, you can fight him again and again until he leaves. He stays for 30 minutes, so if you come with many friends, you can beat him many times even in harder difficulties.

I fought against him all alone in easy difficulty and was able to beat him 3 times straight then he disappeared. I really enjoy fighting him, and there was something exciting facing him all by myself, although I do hope that I’ll find other players to play with so I can challenge him in harder difficulties.

It was an amazing experience, I really liked that fight, but as I said, I wish that fight was in augmented reality, it could have been so epic.

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