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Ghostbusters World – Capturing a Very Rare Dragon!

Today I took a bus just to hang around in the city center. In about halfway, I came across one of the most amazing ghosts I’ve seen so far, a large green dragon called Flame Dragon Ghost.

I was able to trigger the fight while on the bus. The problem was that I was in a very uncomfortable position to play. A few minutes prior to the fight, I changed the controls from tilt to press-and-hold to control the camera. Aside from the controls feeling very awkward and making the fight hard to manage, there were many people in the bus and it was hard to play like that.

The fight started, and I knew I must get this dragon because I don’t know when I am going to encounter it again, this is a very rare ghost.

I was doing fine, but the first time I tried to capture it, it escaped. The second time, in the middle of the battle, I left without bullets, and from that point on things got pretty bad. I used my primary weapon which has low DPS. I tried slamming the Flame Dragon Ghost on the ground as many times as I could until the very last few seconds. I then released the trap and prayed that I’ll capture him. Unfortunately, the dragon escape the second time and I had only one second left, so obviously I lost.

The dragon escaped, not to be seen again, and I was so frustrated and sad, that beautiful green dragon ghost is lost, forever.

I continue with the bus, the bus took a turn, and shortly after a miracle happened – I saw Flame Dragon Ghost the second time, it like somebody was listening to my heart and felt how bad I felt and decided to give me a second chance.

Of course, this time, I knew I wouldn’t screw this up. I started the fight, I already changed to another weapon so II had plenty of bullets. If I hadn’t changed, I would have missed that second dragon because the bus was on the move and I only had a few seconds to trigger the fight.

I lowered the dragon’s health as much as I could, being careful not to kill it. Then I released the master trap, slammed the ghost again just before it pulled into the trap and waited. That wait lasts forever, my heart was pumping like mad. A few seconds later I saw the red light, and I knew, I got it – YES!

This was such an exciting moment, I had such a big smile on my face. I capture an amazing very rare ghost, Flame Dragon Ghost. I then went to the containment unit to take a look at it the second time, and oh boy, what a beautiful ghost it is. I got it in Rank 4, Rare (B) rarity and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s really frustrating failing against a ghost and losing it, knowing that you don’t get to have a second chance. However, sometimes you do, and this was one of my luckiest days playing  Ghostbusters World so far.

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