Amazing Mixed Reality Technology by 2Sens

This technology fell out of my radar but after attending AWE expo in Tel Aviv, I discovered it and oh boy I was impressed by it.

So 2sens has developed a proprietary mixed reality technology that supports occlusion in a dynamically changing environment. It enables natural interaction between real and virtual objects and it does that without any pre-scanning or pre-meshing of the scene, it works straight away. It does require a phone with dual-cameras, and according to what I’ve read on their website, it works with any dual-camera phone, no matter the distance between the two cameras.

Users who don’t have a dual-camera phone can use a dual-camera accessory that enables this functionality. Their technology also supports multi-user experiences and it’s cross-platform.

According to the official website at 2sens.co: Ändroid SDK and Unity plugin – Available soon”.

I highly recommend checking their technology out. As I said, I tried it myself and I was so impressed more than any other AR framework that I”ve tested. The fact that you don’t need any pre-scan and it works with a dynamically changing environment in real time, this is a game changer. I’ve talked about it in many posts, and I am so happy that somebody tackled it.

Considering the many phones are coming with dual cameras (or more), this solution has a great potential.