Ghostbusters World – Using Runes and Tactics to Win Fights

Today was the first time I actually started using runes when playing Ghostbusters World. Runes are items that can attach to ghosts in order to enhance their stats.  If a rune is applied, you can see how it affects the stats by looking at the yellow text numbers in your ghost’s page.

There are different types of runes You have 6 different slots to attach runes that correspond to your stats. So some runes increase your HP, Defense, Critical Damage, Critical Rate and so on.

Man-Eating Tree Runes
Man-Eating Tree Runes

There are different types of runes, which by combining several runes of the same type will grant you extra increase stats. Furthermore, Runes have rarities, that with each higher rarity you get extra sub stat. So for example, the green one has only a single sub stat, whether the purple one has three sub-stats.

In this video, you can see me removing the first rune that I’ve got after leveling up in order to replace it with a more powerful rune and complete the setup with a total of six runes.

Man-eating tree ghost stats
Increased rune stats are shown in yellow in brackets.

I used my ‘Man-Eating Tree’ legendary ghost first. I used attack-based runes in order to make it more powerful in terms of its attack power. This is an already very tanky character, so I wanted it to be able to deal more damage and finish enemy ghosts quicker while in team fights, like in story mode for example.

The second ghost that I’ve inserted rune to is my Ivo Shandor wizard because I wanted to make him also more powerful, and I attached runes that give him more powerful critical hit damage (CRIT DMG).

Later on, after still losing the last fight in stage 2 (still doing much better than before(, I’ve decided to upgrade my  Jeoseung Saja ghost. Now there was a good reason why I have decided to upgrade him. I wanted to make him tankier so he can absorb more damage and not die early during the first stages. The reason for that is because I need his leader skill to stay active, as well as being able to use his revive and heal abilities in order to heal other ghosts or revive one if it dies in the second or third stage.

Now, I intentionally used Egg Ghost (I call him eggy in the video) because this ghost can heal himself upon special attack by 30%. Now I don’t mind this ghost getting damage instead of other ghosts, and it does give me more time to get extra turns in order to use both Ivo Shandor and Jeong Saja abilities. I also intentionally used Ivo Shandor because he is very powerful, can deal damage to all targets and has a chance to shock them (lose one turn), which can be done even to all enemies.

So the combination of self-healing, healing, revive, shock (lose a turn) and two high-damage characters, allow me to win fights where I am underpowered. I built that combination myself, ignoring the element damage effect. Of course in some fights, I’ll need to make changes and pay more attention to the elements, but that combination of these four ghosts help me win tough fights.

I have more ghosts that I want to experiment with and find more powerful combinations, but that team setup of Ivo Shandor, Man-Eating Tree, Jeoseung Saja and Egg Ghost is not just powerful but also very fun to play.

Ghostbusters World game is definitely growing on me. I enjoy this game a lot, I like to combine it with my daily walking activities and I like playing it in augmented reality.

I also want to add that I found the turn-based single-player game modes really fun. I enjoy browsing ghosts, inspecting their abilities and try to build a winning team in order to win fights and progress. There are plenty of effects and abilities to allow users to create synergy between team members and enough depth to allow players to develop many different strategies in order to win a fight which they have previously lost. Of course making your ghost more powerful is the most basic thing you need to do in order to be able to win against tougher enemies, However, I was able to win fights where I was underpowered because I was able to employ smart gameplay strategies and synergize plays between my characters.

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