Ivo Shandor ghost

Defeating Ivo Shandor in Ghostbusters World (Fight Video in AR)

Today I came across a very rare ghost called Ivo Shandor. I was able to stumble across Ivo Shandor only twice among all the many hours that I”ve played the game.

I wasn’t ready for the first fight because my weapons weren’t powerful enough and I didn’t have a Master trap.

Discovering Ivo Shandor ghost
The moment I discovered Ivo Shandor ghost. I didn’t even plan to enter this street, I entered only because of the many dimensional doors.

Today I have decided to take a big circle around the block and visit new places which I usually don’t visit. I enter a side street because there were many dimensional doors there. I was about to just continue forward, but those dimensional doors mean lots of loot, so I entered.

The moment I passed through the first-dimensional door I saw a big ghost with a large glow around it.  It was Ivo Shandor, a powerful rare dark-type ghost.

The fight was very hard. I got hit for 74% damage at the beginning of the fight. This means that Ivo Shandor could eliminate me with the second attack. I needed to be super sharp and counter all his attack from that point on.

To be honest, I thought I would lose, because I miss some counters from time to time, and Ivo Shandor attacks you very often.

After a very intense fight, I was able to capture Ivo using my Master trap. I didn’t have time for a second chance, so I made sure I lowered his health to be as low as I can and then I threw the trap and luckily he didn’t escape.

Here is the fight versus Ivo Shandor in augmented reality. It starts the moment I’ve decided to enter that side street instead of moving forward towards my house. I just took a larger turn instead, but it was well worth it.

I got a common version of it, which is the lowest rarity, but at least I got him. He is o Rank 5, so I don’t need to spend many materials to rank him to rank 5, just invest in leveling him up.

What a fight it was, so satisfying, so intense but at the same time so much fun. This is why I like the gameplay mechanics so much, you feel great during the fight and a sense of achievement after it.