Ghostbusters World video gameplay screenshot

Ghostbusters World – Fights Gameplay Video in Augmented Reality (AR)

I extract only the ghost fights from the long video captures, so you can see how the actual fight in Ghostbusters World is.

Boss fights are not played in Augmented Reality (AR) but all the “casual” ghost fights are. You just tap on the ghost that you want to fight, then the game automatically changed to AR view, not surface scan needed, and the fight begins.

In this Ghostbusters gameplay video, you can see me taking on fights in different places. I won some fights but lost some as well. Those fights that I lost, most of them were against bosses. I think I lose one battle against a high-rarity ghost. Once I lost, that ghost disappeared and never appeared again.

As you can see, the graphics and the animations are very good, each fight feels different. There are many types of ghosts, each one with its own unique (sometimes very funny) animations.  I also really liked the capture animation as well as the weapon animation and visuals.

Speaking of which, when shooting with the particle thrower, the gameplay was designed so you need to align the ghost over the trap to capture it. Sometimes the ghost moves a bit, and because there is that animated laser beam, it feels like you are actually pulling the ghost with a rope to align it over the trap. This helps create a physical bond with the augmented visuals that happens on the screen, which further enhances the immersion and engagement in each fight.

The other weapon, “Boson Caster” ( that I have is for dealing damage. There is the red bar which you need to clear up in order to capture the ghost. Once that red bar is gone, a trap icon appears and you can deploy the trap.  The default weapon is called “Particle Thrower” and it doesn’t consume any ammo. However, it is low damage output. It is good against low HP ghosts not against those high-level ghosts with a high HP pool.

Some more tips

Energy clips take a long time to produce. So make sure you always produce them when you can. It takes 15 hours to build Boson Darts  The boson darts are used for the Boson Caster which is a powerful weapon (876 FPS, as with my progression). You need it for boss fights and high-level ghosts, so don’t waste it for low-level ghosts. I bought more in the store because  I engaged in a boss fight, spent all the ammo and lost eventually.

Research, however, doesn’t take too much time (eg. 5 minutes to upgrade my Proton Glove from Level 1 to Level 2 for “Increase Critical Chance”. Maybe it takes longer at higher levels. Nonetheless, make sure you upgrade those as well.

Participating in ghost battles gives you PKE Crystals, which are essential for leveling ghosts.

The single-player campaign is a turn-based RPG-style game where you take a team of four ghosts and fights against other ghosts as you progress. You gain PKE Crystals, coins, ecto-sphere, XP and other items that help level up your characters (ghosts). and items. If you want to level up your ghosts fast, make sure you invest time in the singleplayer story campaign as well.

Ghost have properties that match to elements found in a natural environment (water, fire, earth, light and dark). Each of these properties has corresponding strength and weaknesses in association to the others. Use them to help you in battle. So some can beat others more easily.

Fire: strong against Earth, weak against water. Water is strong against Fire, weak against Earth. Earth, strong against water weak against fire, Light, strong against Dark, weak against Dark, Dark, strong against ligjt, weak against light.

Regarding weapons. The Particle Thrower doesn’t need a clip to shoot, you can shoot it endlessly. The Boson Caster requires Boson Dart clips, the Meson Collider works with Collider Pod clips, and the Shock Blast Emitter requires Dark Matter pods.

I will share more information and upload more videos soon, so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. See you soon.