Ghostbusters World PVP Arena

Ghostbusters World PvP Arena Gameplay Video

Today I’ve tried PvP Arena in Ghostbusters World game for the first time. I tried accessed it before but it was locked. Today I went outside, I am at level 15 and I think it’s unlocked at this level because I leveled up when I was outside and I saw the exclamation mark that leads me to the PvP Arena area.

Of course, I entered it straight away because I wanted to see how the PvP plays. So, this is a ranked system, where players compete against other player’s teams (not the players themselves in real time). Each team consists of 4 ghosts. The player (which is you) has the option to set up the team before the fight begins. You also have the option to see which team you are fighting against and make adjustments.

Fighting has a cost. It cost 100 coins for the matchmaking (Search for an opponent) and 1 “Arenal Trial” pass to fight. You can have up to 5 arena trials. You can buy 5 arena trials for 30 gems.

About the ranking system. You have 8 tiers:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master arena, Grand Master Arena and the last one, the most prestigious one is Legend Arena. Players need to win fights to get points and rank up. From what I’ve seen, you don’t lose points when you lose, you just need more points to rank up.

I don’t yet understand how the matchmaking works. Sometimes I fought against level 1s and another fight against  21s, which felt a bit odd, to be honest. Maybe because the ranking isn’t saturated enough so the algorithms need more players to join to do better matchmaking, but I am not sure.

Overall, the PvP is a great mode which you can play at the comfort of your home when you are done hunting for ghosts outdoors. I really enjoy playing Ghostbusters World and, although I would have preferred real-time PvP battles, I do enjoy playing the PvP mode. In fact, I thought about just doing 2 fights, but I ended up doing many more, because it was so much fun, I only did one fight manually, most of the other fights were on auto-mode, but I do intend to spend more time in manual it’s because I want to learn each ghost moves so when a tough fight comes, I’ll know how to manage myself.

I will share more information about the PvP as I spend more time on it and rank up, hopefully fast so I can show you some epic fights against high-ranked players.

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