Ghostbusters World – Game Tips, Screenshots, Legendary & Heroic Ghosts

After taking a few hours rest, I went outside again to play some more Ghostbusters World. Ghostbusters World was released today in the early morning (8:40 am my local time).  My first hour playing Ghostbusters World was amazing. After that, I went out and spend around two more hours.

I was able to discover so many amazing ghosts. For example, there was one that looked like a troll pilot that attacks while riding his airplane. That’s the beauty of this game, there are so many amazing ghosts, and it’s not just about the looks, each one has its own unique attack animations.

Before we continue, here are some screenshots from the game Ghostbusters World.

I also was able to beat one boss today (I think it was a boss, it didn’t play in AR), but that’s about it. The other bosses were so much more powerful and there was no chance for me to beat them. You can’t just go “Rambo” on those bosses and expect to fight when you just start playing the game. You need level up your weapons and obtain lots of materials before you can even think about fighting them. I am talking about the single-player bosses that are spread across the environment.

I didn’t invest too much in the single-player campaign, but I intend to do so tonight. They are also many types of items which I need to sort out in my head and remember what each one is for. I also spent like a few bucks today on the shop to buy gems. The reason I did it is that I wanted to bring your Ghostbusters World gameplay videos, and if I stuck without materials, I just can’t fight ghosts. I mean I can, but I won’t be able to collect them, just obtain items from dismantling them.

I walked a few kilometers today and I enjoyed it. It was hot outside, so it wasn’t an ideal weather for playing this game. Yet, I had so much fun, that I was motivated enough to go outside and hunt ghosts. I took cold drinks, a sunscreen and went to play Ghostbusters World outdoors.

At home, I am going to spend time trying to sort things out, see what weapons I want to upgrade, which ghosts I want to level up. There are some unique challenges that I yet to take because I wasn’t sure whether I was able to beat them.

I got a total of 60 ghosts today for playing around 2 and a half hours.  This includes some heroic ghosts like Skin Walker, Bellhop Ghost, and Kappa. I also got a Legendary Ghost called Man-Eating Tree (Lv1, CP 350, ATK 116, DEF 106, HP 2965, CRIT RATE 10%, CRIT DMG 50%, SPEED 119, RESISTANCE 10%).

I need to see which ghost I want to level up. It will probably be the one that has the highest rarity but I am not sure yet. I need to read a bit more in order to understand things before I make my moves. I probably need to level up those with a higher Combat Power (CP), so I can win high-level team fights. There are also ghosts with a leader skill – anyway, there are things that I need to learn before leveling up ghosts.

A few important tips!

Oh, an important thing. If you buy something from the store, it will arrive in the mail. So for example, if you buy gems in the store and you don’t see them reflected in the UI, you need to first go to the mail and get the items there. I already see people shouting: “I bought gems from the store and didn’t get them, what can I do?”. I think the developer should do something about it, making more clear that items that you buy from the store need to be first collected from the inbox and this is not so obvious. Also when you log in, make sure you collect your log in bonus.

Another tip is to make sure you go to the main menu (Character & Equipment > Build) and build stuff like a trap or energy clip. These things don’t cost much, but do take time to complete.  Fexampleple, the 5 traps that I am building, standard traps, will take 2 more hours to complete. So it’s important to start building any time the building is available. You can’t build two items of the same type at the same time. For example, I can’t build both a Standard Trap and an Advanced Trap, only one, same goes to Energy Clip, which is magazines for your weapons, some use Dark MAtter, some use Boson Dar and others Collider pods. Use them wisely in fights, because they aren’t easy to obtain (unless you by them for real money from the store).

My last tip for you, use your materials wisely and don’t get into fights that you know that you cannot win. It’s better to ditch it than spending all your materials (what I did) and then leave the fight.

I will give you more tips about how to play Ghostbusters World as I continue playing the game and I am sure there will be plenty of other resources online which you can read and learn about the game. I do my best to provide you with my tips best on how I play the game and of course, I will spend time reading other people’s tips and recommendations. I think that Reddit can be a good place to start. I haven’t checked it yet but I intend to do so soon. It’s great to bring a part of an active community of players that love playing the game, and I am sure there will be plenty of players playing this game because it’s so much fun.

More to come, stay tuned