Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters World Gameplay Video and First Impressions

I started playing Ghostbusters World for about an hour or so and ho boy this game is so good. I can report that although I played only about an hour straight, my first impressions are very positive.

Here is a long Ghostbusters World gameplay video. Enjoy.

First of all, there are plenty of ghosts our there in the streets. This means that even if you stay in a limited area, many ghosts will spawn in relatively fast intervals. So if you play in a large park, you probably can stay there and play for an hour and pick up some good amount of fights.

There is also a lengthy single-player campaign as well, which you can do from the comfort of your home. I intend to do it later this evening.

There are so many ghosts, each one with its own unique personality and a background story, yes, there is a relatively very descriptive little story about each ghost. Each ghost has its own unique look and animations, rarity, attributes and you can level it up, level its rank, unlock new abilities for it and more.

There are also boss fights which are spread across the world, and for that, you have to reach specific locations. I encounter one boss fight on the way, but I saw more on the map. I came home to take a little break, but I intend to go out there and get into one of those single-player boss fights again later on.

The Augmented Reality presentation is good. You don’t need to scan a surface to start playing in AR, because of the ghosts float in mid-air. The ghost is positioned relative to your device, so when you move they move. It’s a good practice because I found myself sometimes needed to move when people pass through or I just wanted to take the fight a bit to the side. It’s also good for safety reasons as well.

The game has quite a lot of depth to it, way more than I expected, which is great. There are many items to collect and many items that I yet to understand their usage. You can also unlock new equipment, upgrade it so you can fight more powerful ghosts.

The gameplay mechanics are fun and addictive. They are built, in most part, around good timing. You have your weapons, defense/counter move, and a trap. You use your weapons to reduce the health of the ghosts, the counter-attack to prevent getting hit by the ghost’s attack and the trap, which alongside your proton gun, you can capture the ghost. You need to use the proton gun to move the ghost above the trap and hold it there for a few seconds. The ghost can escape, and if it does, you need to fight it again. Each fight like that, if you want to capture a ghost, consume a trap. There are different types of traps, some better than others depends on the ghost. Once you capture the ghost, it’s yours and you can view it in the ghost collection page. You can also eliminate a ghost and farm it for materials. So gameplay mechanics are really fun, I really enjoy myself in each fight, especially in boss fights.

Overall, my initial impressions are very positive and I am so motivated to go out there and fight again Download the game, it’s free, and try it out. I’m sure once you start playing it, you wouldn’t want to stop. More to come, stay tuned and don’t forget to follow my YouTube channel if you want to see more Ghostbusters World gameplay videos. Thanks.