Untamed Arena gameplay video

Untamed Arena Video – Leveling up Stealth and Unlocking a New Skin

Today I took Stealth to the park to fight some other Untamed creatures.  If you are not following my walkthroughs, I am playing an Augmented Reality game for iOS called ‘Untamed Arena‘. It’s a kids AR game but one that I really love playing.

I first started playing it after I got the Untamed creature toys from WowWee and since then, every time I go to the park I play Untamed Arena and level up my dinos.

Today I’ve reached Level 7 and unlocked a new skin for Stealth. Right now I am just playing with stealth because it takes a lot of time to level up. I do plan to level other characters as well.

Here is the video from this morning where I and ‘Stealth’ fought other untamed creatures.

As you can see, we did pretty well. I still need to get used to that new skin but I don’t think ‘Stealth’ had any problem with it 🙂

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