OnePlus 6 camera sharpness test

Testing the OnePlus 6 Camera Sharpness

One of the reasons I bought the OnePlus 6 is to be able to use location-based apps, test out ARCore apps and to be able to capture AR scenes with better video quality compared to what my iPad was able to achieve for similar ARKit equivalent apps.

I thought, well, if I already have the OnsPlus 6 (OP6) why not test it out and share my opinion about it. I created a “Gear Reviews” category on my YouTube channel for these type of videos.

I went to shoot AR today in the park, play some Untamed Arena and The Walking Dead: Our World and on the way I’ve decided to test out the OnePlus 6 camera sharpness.

I took a few test images. At home, I cropped each image at 1920×1080 pixel resolution. I brought all the original OnePlus 6 sample images and the 100% crop ones to iMovie and compiled it into a short video.

Keep in mind that YouTube compresses the images, so the original images are sharper than what you see in the video, but I think it can give you a good understanding of the sharpness nonetheless. This is one of the reasons I made the 100% image crops and not just displayed the images to fill up the frame.

Overall, I am very impressed with the OnePlus 6 main camera optics and its detail resolvement power, considering its 16-megapixel sensor resolution.

A fantastic camera, both for general photography and augmented reality usage.