TWD Our World Rescue Weekend

TWD: Our World – Rescue Weekend, Farming for Survivors

This weekend I was farming to reach level 7 but I also want to take advantage of the Rescue Weekend (October 12-15) that has increased amount of survivors in common rescue missions.

This means that instead of finding 1 survivor, you can rescue 2 or 3 survivors in each common rescue mission.  More survivors mean more cars and the type of cards depending on the type of safe house you are dropping them at.

I already have an “Armory” type of safe house that gives me weapon cards and I have a “Shelter” safe house that gives me heroes. Today I’ve built a “Warehouse” safe house that gives me perks. I put it in the middle of the distance between the house and the park, so I can drop survivors there and get perk cards while on the way to the park or on the way to my house. If I decide that I want perk cards, I just drop the survivors there, and if I want weapon cards, I can just wait until I get to my house.

I also had some really frustrating fails today but I got an epic card after creating the new safe house and putting survivor there. I was able to also win against one Raider Outpost and I got some good loot from supply crates.

The most important thing to do is to engage in many rescue missions as possible, so I can bring as many of them to safe houses. It’s also important to keep in mind that when you bring more survivors, you can eventually upgrade your safe house using only survivors. So in case of my Armory, I am able to upgrade it when I turn in  83 survivors.

I still didn’t find any legendary card, and I really do hope that I will get one next week. Overall, it was a good day, a bit hot but that “Rescue Weekend” motivated me to go out and farm for survivors and I think it was worth it overall. I am also quite close to level up my character to level 7, and I think I will be able to do it tomorrow or the next day, we’ll see. I also continue fighting walkers when I am in my house, so I can still progress when I am not outside playing the game, which is another thing why I like this game, Still, if you really want to progress, you need to go out there and fight walkers out in the open.