Untamed Arena Level 5

Untamed Arena – Level 5 and All New Unlocked Abilities

Today I went out to the part to play some Untamed Arena and level up my ‘Stealth’ dino from Level 3 to Level 5. So why level 5 you ask? Well, because in Level 5 I will be able to unlock the option to switch between different abilities. Special abilities are powerful attacks that deal massive damage. If you deal them to the enemy when it is not guarded (shielded), you can deal a massive amount of damage.

Here is a gameplay video showing me climbing up the levels and reaching level 5, and I also recorded a video showcasing all the new abilities that I’ve unlocked so you can see how they look in battles.

Unlike previous fights, this time I was able to fight my way to level 5 without even losing once. I got the hang of it, knowing when to dodge and when to use the shield to avoid getting hit or at least reduce the amount of damage I receive during the fight.

Here are the abilities I have unlocked for ‘Stealth’: Toxic Gas, Shredder, Jump Kick, Trample, Chomp, Talon Rend, Stomp and Feast.

My favorite ability so far is the Toxic Gas and the Stomp. The first one is funny and the second just look great in my opinion.

Right now I am pretty happy with how I progress. I intend to push forward and try to level up further until I unlock all the new abilities. I’m pretty sure there are some other great abilities that I will enjoy using.

You can download Untamed Arena from the App Store here. Have fun!