Level 7, The Walking Dead Our World

TWD Our World – Level 7, Unlocking PvP Battles & New Epic Pistol

So many great things happened to me today in The Walking Dead Our World game. First, I was able to obtain lots of coins from bringing many survivors to safe houses because of that bonus survivor event.  Second, I was able to reach Level 7, which means more new discoverable epic and legendary cards.

I played close to two hours today and I walked quite a lot. I deviate from the original route that I usually take and discovered that there were two safe houses like 50 meters from my house, so I can drop some survivors there to obtain perk and hero cards if I need to.

Just to keep you informed that I have an Armory type of safe house near my house, so this means that I can only get weapon cards from those. I also established two other safe houses, but these are far from my house and I only drop survivors there once I go out towards the part.

I also unlocked a new Level 1 rare hero called “Carl Grimes”, and after I got home I unlocked a new epic pistol called Vulture Pistol, a powerful pistol that I intend to use instead of the other ones from now on. I definitely plan to upgrade it tomorrow.

I really like when there are events because they help players progress faster playing The Walking Dead Our World game.

I recommend watching the gameplay video that I”ve uploaded to my YouTube channel (embedded it above) so you can see all the great things that happened to me today while playing this amazing game.

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