Untamed Arena scanning and fighting

Untamed Arena Gameplay – Scanning Toys and Fighting

Yesterday I took my two adorable Untamed dino by Fingerlings to a walk in the park. After enjoying playing with the physical toys, it’s time to do the thing that brought them to me in the first place—Scan them and bring them to life inside the augmented reality game ‘Untamed Arena’.

Bringing the Dino Toys to Life in AR

I went to the park, set down and took the two Untamed dino toys from my backpack. when you first launch the game, you’ll be given a virtual dinosaur called ‘Striker’. It’s the default one, one that everyone gets when they first launch the game.

Untamed creatures fingerlings lying on the ground
Took my untamed creatures to fight in the park.

I toyed with the game a bit, but I was eager to give my physical toys their augmented form. I put ‘Stealth’ on the ground, pushed the Scan New Creature button and positioned the dino outline image over the untamed dino fingerlings toy. IPrior to that, I also chose the specific dino type by its name. The mobile game recognized the dino and brought it to life at the exact location where its physical replica was placed. So it seems like the physical toy just came to life right in front of you, and it was a beautiful moment to behold.

Dino creature toy brought to life in AR
Dino creature toy being brought to life in augmented reality (AR)

Now, it’s worth mentioning that those Untamed Fingerlings toys have their own ‘persona’ as physical toys. They have two touch-sensitive sensors on their head, and they react to sound touch and orientation. They can produce more than 40 different voices and even move their heads and mouths.  This is why the Untamed ARena scanning feature produces a very natural physical-to-virtual transition phase.

When you have a virtual character, there are plenty more things you can do with it and the 3D character does feel more lively and overall more fun and entertaining to interact with but it does lack the physical feeling, but of course, you have the toy for that purpose.

Unleash the Beast!

The whole reason I went through this journey is to finally be able to bring my lovable dinos to life and actually make them fight other creatures.

Untamed Arena is a 1vs1 fighting AR game where you put your untamed creature in an arena and let it fight other creatures. Now, the fight doesn’t happen manually, it’s up to you to control every offensive or defensive move. So this way, you have responsibility for the outcome of the fight. You need to read your opponent’s move, evade attacks or use the shield to defend yourself from incoming attacks. You need to time your attacks right, so you won’t attack your opponent when it’s shielded.

Let’s take a look at some screenshots before we move on.

You also have those powerful special abilities that you can use to deal a massive amount of damage. You start with one and continue to unlock more as you progress. I currently have only one ability, but as I play more, I will unlock more abilities and I will share this moment with you.

The fighting is fun and the best thing is that you can fight in two distinctive ways. The first one is using the familiar on-screen hand touch-gestures. The second one is the most interesting, innovative and for me, was the most enjoyable one.

The second one involves using your own body to control your creature during battle. You can physically move right or left to move your creature, move forward and backward, move your device up and down and all those controls your character’s movement during the fight. This makes the fight feels more authentic and exciting, as the player gets more physically, and therefore mot emotionally involved with the augmented action that takes place in the real world through the screen.

Kids love the physical aspect of games, generally speaking, and I think this full-body controls will turn out to be their favorite ones. Sometimes you just want to sit and play, and of course, you can do just that by using touch gesture, but if you play the game, please, give that full-body controls a shot, I’m sure you’ll like it.

I lost quite a few fights. As an adult gamer, I thought that I would just come and would win every single fight—oh boy I was wrong. I was actually lost most of the fights (please don’t laugh). So, this game actually has its little learning curve. For example, I was attacking the enemies only to find out that they activated their shield a moment after. A smart thing to do is to wait for them to activate their shield and then attack them, preferably with your Special Ability, which deals a massive damage. You can also expect your opponent to attack shortly after it uses the shield. So there are a few things that the player needs to understand when jumping into a new encounter.

Leveling up is fun. The game has nice visual effects and it feels great seeing your adorable untamed dino actually leveling up in the game, getting better stats, getting rewards and unlocking new things. Untamed Arena does have a competitive aspect to it. You can play against your friends by both players entering each other’s player IDs, and there is a global leaderboard where you can check how you stand up against other players from all around the globe. I personally love that competitive aspect, especially considering the 1-vs-1 fighting nature of the game.

What’s Next?

Well, right now I need to continue progressing my untamed creatures, leveling them up and unlocking new moves and even new colors, so I can customize the look of my dinos.

I will post new articles and videos on my YouTube channel, so don’t forget to subscribe if you want to follow my progress in the game. Thanks.

You can download and play Untamed Arena yourself – download it from the app store here.

P.S. just received a notification saying: “Tracker is Hungry!”. I need to get to it and see what it is, I’ll update you on this thing in the next article.