Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders

Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders Trailer and Gameplay Video

I’ve been waiting quite some time to see some gameplay videos of people playing the game ‘Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders‘. This game was developed exclusively for the Magic Leap One headset.

In my opinion, this is the type of game that is going to demonstrate how amazing ML technology is in helping to deliver unique and unseen gameplay experiences.  Occlusion, free-hand interaction and triple-AR quality visuals and animation are among the things that will help make this experience unforgettable to those who play it.

In Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders, robots will invade your room through walls, the floor and even behind other objects in your room, like a couch or a table. The word “behind” shouldn’t be taken lightly here. Unlike current AR installments like ARCore and ARKit, Magic Leap One supports occlusion, which means that it meshes the real world scene and enabling virtual content to appear like it is positioned behind and even below real-world objects. That visual experience contributes to a much more immersive and believable mixed reality scene. The virtual content, in this case, Probebot, Simpletron, and Thugmobot robots will make you feel like those robots are actually in your own room.

The game uses the Magic Leap One Magic Leap One (ML1) 6 Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) controller (called “Control”). to position powerful futuristic cyberpunk-styled guns to fight the robot invasion. The overall design of the game, including the characters, humor, voices, weapon and character design reminds me of Borderlands 2 by Gearbox Software.

Speaking of humor, the robots’ voices are voiced by Hollywood actors and award-winning comedians Stephen Fry, Lucy Lawless, and Rhys Darby. Humor is a big part of the experience, so it seems. The idea is to make the game not just visually and interactively impressive and novel, but also to make it entertaining, make it something that people will enjoy talking about and sharing online.

In terms of visuals, Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders look visually impressive. According to the official game’s page on magicleap.com, the game takes full use of the CPU and GPU to deliver hyper-realistic visuals.

The game was developed y Magic Leap in collaboration with the award-winning effects studio Weta Workshop. Magic Leap is teaming up with some of the best game design studios to help ensure that Magic Leap One owners will get to enjoy exceptional, inspiring and innovative mixed reality gaming experiences. The platform and the hardware has the capabilities of making it, all it needs is some creative and talented people to unleash the “magic” of that platform and realize its capabilities for all the world to see and experience.

There are quite a few gameplay videos of Dr. Grodbort’s Invaders on YouTube. One of those was published by Michael Swanson – here, take a look.

As you can see, robots are spawning out of walls and even your ceiling. The game has stunning animations and visual effects.  The player uses the controller like a gun, but also his second hand to do something, which I can’t really tell based on that specific video.

Michale mentioned in his video that he played the game in a dim room, so the tracking wasn’t perfect but he enjoyed playing it nonetheless.

I’m pretty positive that Magic Leap has many new surprises in its sleeves. We’ve already heard about 16 AR experience coming for the Magic Leap One, including Luna: Moondust Garden by Funomena, Brainlab: Survey and Medical Image visualization,  Star Wars: Project Porg by ILMxLAB, Wingnut AR Pest Control, Onshape 3D CAD, Angry Birds FPS game by Rovio/Resolution Games, SketchUp, and updated version of Create 1.1 and more.

Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders game launched and is available to download for free for the Magic Leap One – have fun!

Overall, things are looking very bright and Magic Leap One owners will have some really cool titles to use and look up for. I’m personally looking forward to the live keynote event that will take place on 10/10 at 9 am PT, set up an alarm clock, don’t miss it!

P.S. you can check out this page on Weta Workshop official website, where you can find some products related to Dr. Grordbort’s.