TWD: Our World – Level 6, Raid Outposts, Epic Perk

Today I went with a sole mission to get to Level 6. When I got to Level 5, I unlocked new epic infestations and crates and I was excited to see what level 6 brings with it.

Battery Consumption (OnePlus 6)

I started playing at around 13:00, which isn’t a great time to play because it is hot outside, but I went out anyways. I’ve spent around 2 hours in total playing TWD Our World. I went out with around 95% battery charge on my OnePlus 6 phone and got home with around 60% (slightly less). So it’s around 20% battery consumption per hour, which isn’t bad considering that the screen was on full brightness, the GPS was used constantly and I used AR quite frequently.

TWD Our World battery consumption
TWD Our World battery consumption

Now, I always carry a battery pack with my just in case, but I could easily play a few more hours more without worrying about the battery dying on me.

Here is a summary of the gameplay from today, enjoy watching it!

Got a new Epic Perk card

Maybe I missed it, but I wasn’t able to locate another epic infestation, at least not at the route that I was going, which is from my house straight to the garden and a bit after. It’s a straight walk more or less.

Yesterday I felt finishing the epic infestation and I was very frustrated. Obviously, the reason is that you get an epic card at the end of the third fight.

However, I just fight a regular fight and got an epic card from it and it was just a few minutes after I left the house and started walking towards the park.  It wasn’t a hero like I first thought it is, and it turned out to be an Epic Perk instead called “Walker Terry”. This perk increases first aid kit cap. At level 1 it increases the first aid kit cap by 1. this is important because those aid kits are always useful for healing your heroes. Almost every day I found myself getting stuck because of that – so it’s a nice catch overall.

Farming for Coins

There were plenty of fights today, but unfortunately no epic infestation. I farmed for coins and use them level up my heroes, weapons, and perks. I mostly invested in cheap cards because I wanted to level 5 and get XP for upgrading.

I also discovered that I was stupid not using the sniper rifle because it is good against a certain type of enemies that none of the other guns that I have are good against.

Maybe if I used it in the epic infestation, I could have finished it and not fail. So I learned an important lesson today. I don’t like shooting with the sniper, but it doesn’t matter. In this game, The Walking Dead: Our World, you need to choose the right weapons for the fight or else you might lose.

Reaching to Level 6!

I almost didn’t get to Level 6, I was quite tired and was sitting on the bench near my house, where I finally upgraded a perk that allowed me to reach level 6.

Reaching level 6 means that you unlock more cards. By this I mean that you have the change to find them as you play, you don’t get them straight away when you reach that level. I can now fight in Raid Outposts, which I saw on the way, but I couldn’t engage them as I was, at that time, only at level 5. I still don’t know what I get when I win those fights, and I guess we’ll need to wait for tomorrow to find out.

I also built a shelter near the park. I completely forgot about it, and now I can just drop off survivors once I reach to the park instead of searching for other player’s shelters.

There are more features that I still haven’t used yet and I intend to try them out in the upcoming days.


Overall, The Walking Dead: Our World continues to keep me entertained and I also enjoy doing some exercise on the way. One of the great things about finishing a 2-hour session of playing this game is enjoying drinking a cold bottle of water after it. It’s one of the things that I wait for the most after I finish playing.

I do wish there was an option to play the game in horizontal orientation rather than just portrait orientation.

I will continue playing tomorrow. I did enjoy playing today and I can’t wait to try out those raid outposts, whatever they are. Hoping to also get my first legendary gear or hero soon.

Don’t forget to check out the gameplay walkthrough videos that I made for you and I’ll share more soon, so stay tuned.