TWD Our World and Ghostbusters World games

First week playing TWD Our World and Waiting for Ghostbusters World

It’s been a week since I’ve started playing the game The Walking Dead: Our World on my brand new OnePlus 6 Android device. I actually bought the OP6  because of its ARCore support and so I am able to play on-location based games like this one.

Outdoor AR Games are Good for your Health

I have to be honest, aside from enjoying AR in any form and wanting to try out more outdoor AR games, another reason that motivated me is that I wanted to be more physically active. Sitting in front of the computer so many hours, whether for a job or fun, isn’t something that benefits your health.

This game motivated me to go outside and walk even a few miles each day. Just today I think I walked like 2 miles. It was hot outside, but I didn’t care, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Sometimes I do walk around the block to keep my body moving, but it isn’t something that I really enjoy doing, walking in circles for an hour or so. By playing The “Walking Dead: Our World” outdoors, I was able to enjoy playing an AR game, have an exercise an I was able to share some gameplay with you at the same time and share my experience.

Not all AR games that you play outdoors require a physical activity of course. The Walking Dead, regardless of the name “Walking” appearing in its title, does require some long distance walking if you intend to progress in the game.

Reaching Level 5!

Things start becoming more interesting since I’ve reached level 5. I unlocked weapon modifications, I was able to engage in more rewarding fights that can reward epic loot, locate epic crates, discover new epic cards and even a new legendary card.

This type of progression was more significant and satisfying, especially considering how much time was invested in farming loot to get to that level.

A big part of this game is discovering new powerful epic and legendary weapons, socializing with other players and finishing missions that reward the player with good loot.

Although I do find the AR aspect of the game to be much less exciting than I hoped it would be, I still enjoy the shooting part of this game, especially in AR.

Season 9 Carol Week

Season 9 Carol Week is a fun experience. I roamed through the city, trying to locate the Season 9 infestations that reward players with Carol rare cards. As I am writing these lines, I was taking a look at the game and I’ve noticed a Season 9 infestation near my house, so I finished it and went back writing LOL.

These Season 9 infestations in the TWD Our World are spread around the world. They are quite easy to find if you walk the amount of distance I did. I think I engaged like 4 Season 9 infestations today and I played around 2 hours collectively.

Each infestation of this Season 9 requires you win three consecutive fights in order to obtain Carol cards. Aside from that, Carol, during the week of 8th to 14th of October (the week where Carol infestations are active), Carol itself is 50% more powerful, which means she deals much more damage to crawlers. This is why right now I am fighting with her and no one else, and she really kicks ass.

I can even play when I am in the House

The game keeps you quite busy when you are outside playing, however, it also makes sure to send some zombies to your location and notifies you (via mobile notifications), so you can enjoy engaging in fights even when you are in the comfort of your home. The game also notifies you when supply spawn nearby, which happens to me a few times a day.

This is a nice option, because it increases retention, making sure that you don’t forget about the game and allows you to play a bit without the need to get outside again.

Lack of Strategic Gameplay

One of the things that I found lacking is the absence of any strategic gameplay. OK, there is some strategic gameplay that requires you to pick up certain weapons and heroes that match the threat, but the fighting doesn’t revolve around any smart strategic gameplay.

To be honest, I would prefer if there was an “optimize” button that auto-suggest a hero+weapon combo without me needing to check out each card and see if it fits a particular engagement.

Even the UI navigation is a bit annoying, not letting you inspect and choose cards easily.

Ghostbusters World AR Coming Soon

With Ghostbusters World AR coming soon, I am wondering how I will be able to play both games. I love Ghostbusters, one of my favorite movies of all times, I am a big fan I have to admit.

I was also excited about finally being able to shoot crazy creatures, rather than boring zombies. I’ve seen the trailer (see it below), and there are so many amazing colorful and adorable ghosts to fight against. I can definitely see myself putting more time playing this game than TWD: Our World; if it doesn’t disappoint of course.

We are going to see much more outdoor Augmented Reality (AR) games coming out in the near future and obviously one needs to do his own priorities which game he or she prefers spending time on.

I don’t see myself switching between games (TWD and Ghostbusters) frequently because it wouldn’t give me the best experience. Again, I will see once Ghostbusters World is out. I’ve already pre-ordered on my Android phone and can’t wait to play it out.

Just reading about epic boss raids, original story, teaming up with friends and fighting location-based dimension doors makes me want to go out there and have fun.

It will also be great finally being able to fight the popular ghost-like Zuul, Stay Puft, Slimer and Vigo myself.

Here is a pre-alpha gameplay footage of Ghostbusters World.

To be honest, I wouldn’t put out such a disappointing footage, but it did get me excited.

Anyways, more great on-location based games are coming and maybe it’s time to put down Pokemon GO and give some more time to those new on-location Augmented Reality games.