3D yellow black bike in AR

Bike 3D Configurator App

I just came back after trying the AR app ‘Bike 3D Configurator‘ by Elementals Studio Pet. Ltd.  This augmented reality app allows users to build a custom bike using modern technology using 3D graphics and an option to custom the bike in augmented reality.

This cool app is being used to demonstrate the usefulness of product visualization for business and consumer applications.

There are many customization options, allowing you to change almost any part of the bicycle that does support customization, including the frame, fork, brakes front, chain guide, chaining, cranks, cranks, derailleur, grips, handlebar, hub front, hub rear, hydrolines, pedals, rim front, rotor rear, Saddle, Seatpost, shock, shock, spokes front and rear, stem, tyre front and rear. Each one of those items has one or more customization options, including the option to change colors.

You can also display balloons that show you where the customizable areas are located in an augmented fashion, including augmented dimensions lines with measurements. Users can also load and save their bike in one of the four save slots.

According to the app description on the app store, the developer plans to add more type of bikes and components in future updates.

The great thing about this app is the ability to not just see the bike in AR, but actually observe its actual dimensions. The 3D models feature beautiful reflections that further enhance the sense of realism

I tried the app on my OnePlus 6 phone that uses ARCore, but the app is also available for iOS using ARKit.

I did visit the official website of Elementals, and you can clearly see that they focus on help customers apply augmented reality to their business in order to help consumers with their buying decision and provide them a more immersive and enjoyable way to purchase products. There is no better way to do so than giving online shoppers the option to pre-visualize the product that they want to buy especially when it comes to applying customization. There focus seems to be in areas like clothing, bags, shoes, cards, bikes, yachts, jewelry, furniture, workplace, industrial, manufacturing, etc.

There is no need for markers here, as this app and similar apps from the company use ARKit and ARCore (also referred to as markerless AR).

I really like this app, and in some ways it reminds me of furniture and decoration AR apps like Housecraft and Sayduck. This type of AR apps, when linked with online eCommerce solution, can be very useful for consumers.

This specific app was designed well. I found it very easy to use, with high-res 3D models and texture, and it worked almost flawlessly. The reason I say “almost” is because the 3D model did lose its position when I got closer to the bicycle using my device and it happened quite often. Other than that, I really enjoyed using this app.