The Walking Dead Our World

The Walking Dead: Our World – Gameplay and AR First Impressions

Today was the first time I’ve started playing The Walking Dead Our World game. The reason I didn’t play it previously is not that I didn’t want to (obviously), but because I I had the iPad, which lacked GPS and cellular connectivity.

A few days ago I got the OnePlus 6 Android ARCore-powered smartphone, so I finally can start playing some of those games and apps that require GPS and support ARCore.

Getting Prepared

I woke up early and got prepared. This game is unlike other games that I’ve played, more like Pokemon GO where the player need to roam the real world environment. In this case, the goal is to save the world from a zombie infestation.

I took a backpack, in there I put my 10,000mAh powerbank just in case (AR  consumes a lot of battery power), put a bottle of water, my iPad and my iPhone 5S to be able to also shoot myself playing and went out to explore the world of “The Walking Dead Our World”.

First Engagement

The game gives you your first engagement straight away, so you won’t need to look for one. This is just to get you excited and give you the option to feel the game before you start roaming the world.

How to use AR with The Walking Dead Our World Game?

The first tie I had a fight, I thought that the AR feature will be triggered by default but it isn’t. In fact, I had no idea how to make it work in augmented reality.  I Google it and found out that there is a bottom at the top-left corner of the screen. The funny thing is that it was there all along, it’s just that I didn’t notice it. I think it would be better if they put a pop-up window mentioning the AR feature for users who have an ACore/ARKit compatible device so they won’t miss that as I did.

So for those wanting to know how to enable augmented reality (AR) in The Walking Dead Our World? – There is a button at the top-left of the screen before the fight begins, a button that says: “AR”, just tap on it to change to AR view and fight zombies in augmented reality.

AR button The Walking Dead Our World
AR button The Walking Dead Our World

Great, not I can play the game the way I wanted to play it in AR!

The first fight was cool. It reminds me of other zombie shooter AR games that I’ve played like Dead Lands AR Zombies, Zombie AR Defend your Home and ARZombi.

The thing is that I think I recognized some of these zombie 3D models from other games, and in some way, it felt less exciting to see those again in the game. Even if there are not the same, grey-ish design and animation made it feel very familiar and less original as I expected it to be. There are of course many types of zombies, ones that I didn’t see, but the overall 3D model design and animation is something that I didn’t like.

I personally prefer fluid cartoony animation that injects colors and life to the real world scene. Of course, this is my personal preference and there are many people who prefer the realistic visuals of this game, the same goes to the weapon design, visual and sound effects. I am not saying that it’s bad, but it feels a bit “chewed” and less inspiring in that aspect.

The shooting experience felt good overall, I enjoyed finding out that I can make headshots and the game actually rewards you for that and you can eliminate zombies faster doing so.  It would be nice to have the ability to cripple zombies by shooting them in the lag, making them crawl to you, but the shooting isn’t that advanced, it just deals damage. Maybe later on the game, I will encounter zombies like that, but right now I haven’t noticed any behavior like that

Fighting Zombies in AR

The Walking Dead Our World

It was way more fun engaging a fight against zombies in AR compared to the standard game mode. As you walk, you’ll discover places where zombies exist. The game uses Google Maps as a navigation aid. You need to be within an approximate distance from where zombies or items are.

This is smart because sometimes the enemies and loot can be located in places that are either inaccessible or it can become dangerous to walk in that area where they reside. This way, even if you aren’t very close to where items, safe houses or enemies are located, you can still collect items or engage in fights.

When the fight starts, you’ll have the option to choose your weapon and follower. A follower is a really cool concept, it’s another person that fight alongside you (as you can see in the image above). Those followers can be upgrades using cards, have rarity (the higher the rarity the lower the chance to obtain that follower), they have different weapons which they fight width, progression level, damage, power and health attribute and each one is good against different types of zombies.

For example, Michonne is a Rare Hero. It has base Power 40, Health 2420 and 275 damage output. Those cards can be upgrades using cards that you obtain in loot boxes when finishing quests (bounties), fighting enemies, bringing survivors to safe houses, etc.

A safe house is a virtual place that you position in the real world, and you can bring survivors to it and get rewarded for your efforts. You can also bring survivors to other safe houses of other people. There is more to it, but I haven’t got to a point where I am aware of all the more advanced options.

The AR wasn’t accurate all the time. Sometimes it spawns the enemies very large, sometimes very small and it felt inconsistent. When I started a fight, I didn’t know where the zombie will be located and how big or small they will be.e Most of the time it worked well, but as I said, there were enough times that it didn’t work and lead you to an uncomfortable feeling before fighting in AR. I think it would be nice to have a highlighted area that shows you where the action will take place, but this can impair the experience to some degree as it will take more time to adjust things.

Overall, from what I experience so far, the AR fighting felt dull, repetitive and unexciting in most part. I did like having a follower fighting alongside me, unlocking new fast-firing weapons and watch the zombie fall down to the floor, but even with all that, it didn’t felt exciting as I hoped it would be. Of course, I will continue playing more, because things may change and there are a lot of things that I am yet to discover.

The thing is that the first hour of the game is very important. You want to make it as exciting as possible to be able to convince users to continue playing it. This game does it very well with a great progression an reward system.

The Game is Very Rewarding

One of the great things about The Walking Dead Our World game is that it is very rewarding. You get tons of new stuff early on the game and as you progress. You find new followers, unlock new weapons, get upgrade cards, collect ammo and unlock many types of items, some in higher rarities than others. I personally can’t wait to unlock a Legendary weapon!

You can also upgrade your safe house, get wards for finish quests, unlock new avatars and more.

This game has a very gratifying reward system that keeps players coming back for more and encourage them to keep on playing to unlock new things.

Just think about it, players will need to physically roam through the real world environment, sometimes even walking a few kilometers per day in order to engage in many fights and finish certain missions. You have to make the game feel very rewarding so players and social to encourage people to continue playing the game way after the first hour.

The game has group missions, which means that everyone can contribute and help for the completion of the mission. There are some fights that require several stages in order to complete and time-based weekly challenges with exciting rewards that wait for you upon completion.

all this encourage users to not just go and fight random enemies but work towards completing certain goals in order to be able to receive those desirable items.

Just for example, right now I see “Weekly Challange Tier 1” on my Android phone. There are 3 days and 13 hours until the weekly challenge expires. We are at 75% completion. The reward is the exclusive “Challenge Pack”, which probably allow players to carry more items, it also looks really nice. You can see the top contributors, which is also nice.

You can also join groups, and engage with other players. I also found it a bit late, but you also have perks in this game, which are upgradable as well.  For example, “Walker Mike” increases building materials cap, “Morgan’s Go Bag” increases coin cap,  and “Shariff’s Duffel Bag” increases energy cap.

As you level up you’ll be able to fight against enemies that require a certain level to fight against and reward you with better loot. You will be able to obtain different types of cards as you level up. For example, I am Level 3, so I can still find two more items, but when I level up there are much more items to find, including a Legendary one. It would be nice to have information on those items, just to encourage me to go and find them.

This game has tons of weapons. This is the part that I’m waiting for the most, being able to unlock a P90 and other dope fast-firing weapons. I played only an hour in total and I already got the “Osprey Pistol”, “Wildcat SMG”, “Scout Sniper Rifle”,  “Falcon Pistol” and the “Anvil Shotgun”. Each gun has its own bullet capacity, damage output, reload speed, and firing mode.

Overall, even by just playing for 1 hour and still far from experiencing everything this game has to offer, I feel excited getting out there nay play more, because I know I will get awarded relatively fast and I want to be able to see what’s up there and unlock some really cool guns and find great new perks.

Here are some screenshots for your enjoyment 🙂


As you can see, my initial impressions are positive overall but I did find the AR to be underwhelming and this something that I don’t think will change.  That being said, I can’t wait to meet up with local players (joined a group) and play with them together.

There are still so many things I don’t know yet about the game. Yet, I found the AR experience to be lacking.  I want the type of games where I can find dragons in the sky, join 6-player raids (local shared gameplay),  see enemies crawling on buildings, finding very rare items that you cannot see on the map but be alerted when they are close by (treasure hunt) and many other gameplay features that I yet to see in this game and ones that I’m still waiting to experience in an AR game.

Again, this is just my first impressions. If I didn’t enjoy playing, I wouldn’t be thinking about spending more time on it, because this game requires a time investment and quite a lot of it.  I will definitely spend more time playing it. I really like that idea that I also get a good physical exercise while playing this game, because it makes me walk a lot.

I didn’t read any review about this game, what you read here is from a person who tried the game for the very first time. In the future, I will share more of my experience, because I can’t write a review at this point where I didn’t even scrape the surface of this game.

P.S. I just got some phone notifications about loot available and zombies crawling near my location.

More to come, stay tuned! (I will post a gameplay video later on).