TWD Our World: Having a Good Exercise

Later this afternoon I’ve decided to go out again and see what else there is not find and do in The Walking Dead: Our World game.

It seemed like a long hour. I don’t know how much I walked, but it seems like it was around 2 kilometers or so. I wish there was an option to see how the distance I took. If I had a smartwatch I would have known it, but I don’t.

I came back home all sweaty. I was happy because I had a good exercise today and I felt good.  This game definitely, intentionally or not, encourages players to walk, a lot. I’m sure there will be many players who will find this very inconvenient, while others will find it exciting.

This is also one of the game’s downsides, and I’ll explain. The reason why I walked so much is that the activities were relatively very spread apart. One time I had to walk like 200 meters or even more just to get to a place where I can zombies. Yes, there might be fights in other locations less far from you, but for that, you’ll need to enter a street that you weren’t planned to visit. And the other thing is that if you enter that street, you also need to consider that you need to go back on track, which leads you to burn even more hundreds of meters and this can easily accumulate to a few kilometers if you are playing for a few hours. I didn’t even mention that you can get stuck with too many survivors and need to change your route to find a safe house to deliver them to or trying to engage in fights that are locked because you are in a lower level.

Of course, the walking part itself isn’t bad, it’s healthy, but if you went out to play a game, you will find yourself doing much more walking than actually playing. Even then, it’s just yet another fight. What do I mean by “yet another fight” – well, all the fights that I engage with so far felt the same. That’s not all, there was no challenge whatsoever. It’s not like Pokemon Go where at least you get that tension phase where you don’t know whether you succeeded in catching a Pokemon or not, here, all fights are just too easy. They start before you say “catch”.

Is it fun? when you just start playing the game, yes, but after some time (an hour or so), you search for some challenge, but there is none, at least not at the progress time frame, I am right now.

You might say: “Yo, AR Critic, you just played 2 hours”, and you are right, I did play just 2 hours, but what can motivate me to spend yet another hour of the same thing and when exactly I suppose to get something more exciting to do.

It is fun getting lots of new cards and discovering new weapons, but it isn’t something that makes the game exciting after a certain point. All the activities are very similar

Now, I don’t intend to stop, however, I do hope that the game has more surprises down the road I will find it soon enough. If nothing changes in like a few days, I know that it might not change at all. It’s important to understand that I try to asses it as a new player without reading anything about it.

Tomorrow I am going to spend more time, trying to get more money and unlock an epic follower. The epic follower offer is part of the “Epic Sasha Pack” and it’s available for 1500 coins, but I don’t have that much, need to farm a bit. I will update you on my progress 🙂