graffiti app idea

Graffiti Art Discovery Social Augmented Reality App Idea

It all started when Sanem Avcil posted a video on twitter of augmented reality graffiti on Twitter. This immediately ignited a whole idea in my head. As a person who loves graffiti and urban street art in general, my mind was thinking straight away about an app that can promote that type of art.

I replied back to Sanem, what if we could have a social app where users can discuss, rate and review graffiti on the streets in augmented reality. A second later I thought about, giving users the option to add special effects and enhance the graffiti themselves. I’ve searched for an animated gif on twitter that can illustrate this, and I found a really good one, but without a user interface (UI). Obviously, there are tons of things that I want this app to offer and it can’t be represented in an image I just search on Twitter.

Nonetheless, I start do brainstorming with myself and add many more and a new great app idea was born.

I already saw this app in my head and I just wished someone would have developed it. I want to inspire developers and I released this idea to the world, shouting it out loud as much as I could, even in several languages like Korean, Spanish, French and Japanese (Google translates, I don’t know how to write in all those languages LOL). I start adding tags like a painter, art school, mixed reality, graphics design, effects, wall art, urban art and other twitter tags to help promote the idea among Twitter users that are close to that subjects.

Here are some of the ideas I wrote in a nutshell:

  • Allow the user to put the effects inside boundaries, so it can mask into a wall like in the animated gid above
  • It must be a social app to help people engage with artist and artists engage with users either those who visit the artwork online or on-location
  • Allow users to create like short stories around the graffiti, add music and make it like a short played sequence. Other people who come to visit that art or view it online can play different stories that other people have made
  • The idea is to make good use of all those “markers” which are already on the street, those “markers” which can be detected using image recognition are the graffiti art itself. Developers will understand what this means.
  • Have graffiti artists profiles near their work so we can promote both the artist and its work. I still have no idea how we can make it so we can recognize the original creator of the work, something I need to figure out. Maybe a digital signature of some sort, I don’t know yet. This allows users to follow that artist, see other art pieces he or she made and see where they are and navigate to them. They might be even in other countries, so there should be a location attached to each work.
  • Allowing artists to leave a recorded message like a video or text alongside their art so other visitors who come see the art on-location (or online) get a more personal experience. It mentioned that it’s like turning the streets into a one big social art museum, and indeed that how I see it.
  • The app idea was first for wall art, but it can be used for other urban art objects as well.
  • I want that app to help promote artists and also push AR forward. By making an app that can really make an impact and entertain, we can help have more people aware of the usefulness of this technology. It can really impact lives in my opinion. It’s an app that can really help promote urban art and street art.
  • This app will be amazing with mixed reality glasses, because it can be a seamless experience that you can enjoy this great wall art social experience by just walking in the street, you don’t need to go to a specific museum or art show, wall art is all around us, just open your eyes and you can see that it’s there and with this app you are going to enjoy viewing and interacting with wall art even more.
  • It’s not just about viewing the art, but interacting with it and giving users the option to enhance it themselves, become a part of the creation process and let other see how the enhanced it, upvote it and read comments about it, both from other users and the artist himself who created it.
  • The artist can add its own original soundtrack to enhance the viewing experience, so when users pass nearby the music fades in slowly and when they leave it fades out. The music can beautifully compliment the urban artwork.
  • Allow artist to earn from their art by adding a donation button so they can continue doing what they enjoy doing and maybe there are other ideas that can help artist monetize on their work using this app.
  • The digital effects are really cool, make the street art come to life with cool digital effects. The artist can add them or other users but users will be able to tell the original artwork and those who enhanced it.
  • Add points to users who visit the app on-location, encouraging discovering new art in the street (kind of Pokemon Go experience). Let artist know how many people visit their art on-location, how many are there now in real-time, open some new interactions only to people near a proximate distance from it.
  • AR Cloud is a needed technology to make it all happen.

And more and more ideas. As I continue to develop the idea, it turns out to be the new “YouTube” of outdoor entertainment in mixed reality, a way for creators to display their content outdoors and for others to discover it. It’s a futuristic vision that will revolutionlize outdoor entertianment. This is huge, so please follow my original thread on twitter, I am putting new updates, ideas and toughts almost every few minutes.

All I ask is for you to help promote this app and make it a reality. I released this idea to the world with the hope that it will be created by someone. I think it can be an amazing AR experience like no other, especially when used with AR/MR glasses.

Please Retweet the Tweet and help promote this app idea and art. I am just one guy and my influence and go to a certain point, I am limited in resources. One Retweet by you can go along way and by doing so you will do great to help promote street art and help artists whom this is their passion. Thank you.