6D.ai among other companies

Where a Company like 6D.ai stand in all this XR Rush?

When seeing AR Cloud services like 6D.ai, it made me wonder why Magic Leap has decided to develop its own solution and not rely on 3rd parties. However, this is something that isn’t that hard to get. It reminds me of Apple. Magic Leap, similar to Apple, seems to want to keep all the innovation and technology in-house, in order to able to provide users with optimized experience, enhanced AR Cloud with its own unique idea than relying on 3rd parties Of course, a hardware manufacturer company like Magic Leap want to keep all card close to its chest, which this what will give it an advantage when other competitors enter the market.  You can’t also be dependent on many 3rd party solutions, because one of them fail, what you do then. This is why companies buy other companies not rely on their services.

Now, we are about a core technology, that all the hardware is optimized to work with. It’s not a 3rd party service that you can offer ways to integrate with, this is the core technology on top of which other technologies (both hardware and software) will be built upon and not just the Magic Leap One, but future headsets, accessories, and other complementary software that will integrate with it or will be dependent on it.

From what I’ve seen so far, The Magic Leap isn’t the most impressive technology out there in different categories. I mean, we’ve seen much better hand-tracking technologies, speedier meshing technologies, more advanced eye-tracking technologies, etc. However, when you build a product like the Magic Leap One and you have such a big investment, you want to create a self-contained product and keep the technology inside the company, same like Apple does. Magic Leap might buy other companies to use their technologies if they are a good fit for their platform and hardware. The Magic Leap One is their first product, and I have no doubt that Magic Leap is working hard beyond the scene to create a very rich ecosystem which will include accessories, online services, collaborations with 3rd parties, and many more collaborations and developments that will make it ready to stand up against the competition in the long run and of course be able to satisfy consumer and business needs. A company where you can trust, same as Apple, to deliver a great user experience with lots of great services and functionality that people will find useful and will want to continue using this company’s product.

6D.ai is a service that exposes a set of APIs that allow developers to harvest the power of the cloud to enrich their AR/MR app experiences across all supported platforms. However, their 3D occlusion mesh happens 100% on the device itself using the cameras that your device already has. This means that the technology can work on hundreds of millions of supported devices.

Having said that, as a web developer, I see Amazon Web Services as a place where I go to find services I need for my web apps and the great thing about AWS is that you have all those services inside the same cloud ecosystem. That also means that those services are designed to “talk” with each other. So, if I wanted to use an AR Cloud service in some way or another, I would probably put my money on a company like Amazon. It makes me think whether 6D.ai just hopes that Amazon will acquire its technology, because honestly if Amazon comes with an AR Cloud technology, I think most developers will prefer working with it. Amazon can also create complimentary technology and better integration with other services it offers. I also use AWS because it’s a reliable company, one that it’s going to be there and survive any competition. If I build my product with their technology, I have little worries that any of those services will be shut down, which can be a disaster for developers.

In some ways, I just can’t see 6D.ai staying as an individual company where sharks like Magic Leap and Apple have (or will have) their own proprietary  AR Cloud ecosystem and companies like Amazon can also pose strong competition if it brings a similar service. Amazon already has AR/VR related services, not it won’t come as a surprise to see them jumping on the AR Cloud wagon and offering a similar service themselves.

Having said all that, we shouldn’t also forget that there is competition in the AR Cloud market itself, so it’s not that 6D.ai is the only player out there like Ubiquity6 for example.

According to an article on Medium written by Matt Misesnieks, the CEO of 6D.ai: “Building 6D.ai into the defining AR software company..”. So 6D.ai is building itself an AR software company. Kind of makes you wonder if this approach is the best one for the company in such competitive market ruled by giants like Apple, Amazon, and other companies, that will, most probably, come up with their own proprietary solution and not rely on 6D.ai services.

There is also a page called “Master Plan” on their website, where you can read about their journey and their plan s in the long run.  Their goal is to definitely transform AR and bring it to new heights compare to what it is now. Whether they will be able to surprise this very competitive market or whether they will be acquired at some point? Well, I guess we need to wait and see.

Now, I just want to add that I am personally really excited about their technology and I’m sure many developers will be able to create great things with it. In fact, they already are, although it’s still in private beta.

Whats your opinion? Am I missing something? What’s your opinion on 6D.ai position in this market regarding their AR technology? I am interested to know. Thanks for reading.

You can visit 6D.ai website here and learn more about the company, their services, and sign up as a developer to gain access to the beta.