Mixed Reality underwater

Mixed Reality Underwater – Explore the underwater world with AR

Let me take you on a trip to the future. Yes, right now Mixed Reality headsets (e.g. Magic Leap, HoloLens) are for indoor use, later will probably be for outdoor use as well when the consumer version arrived, but let’s take a big leap into the future or maybe not such a big leap (continue reading).

Let’s imagine a waterproof mixed reality headset. This headset is now being used by divers underwater. There are many uses for this, including easy interaction with other divers, having underwater fish and fauna detection so you can learn about sea life as you dive and explore the underwater world.

You can get a clear view of the oxygen, read a message, etc, all that in AR in a nonintrusive way and without doing anything special just looking at the data in front of you.

We can even use it in water entertaining park or even in the pool to spawn fauna that you usually won’t get to see or come close to. Imagine swimming with virtual sharks!

Imagine an underwater social experience with other divers, even playing Mixed Reality games underwater, hell yeh, in an arcade game with a pool with Mixed Reality glasses, why not? We can dream!

Right now, we all think about using Mixed Reality on land, but there will come a time, maybe sooner than you think, that AR will be used underwater. There are certainly a lot of difficulties, let alone, but it should stop us from trying to imagine AR being used for different type of applications. Technology will get there eventually and if there is a need for it, technology will be there to try to answer that need.

I took you on this little trip to inspire you to create great things. Underwater Mixed Reality can be developed now and it doesn’t collide with other efforts that are being made to push the technology forward. It’s a different market with different needs. You can create a company that focuses on AR/MR solutions and experiences only for underwater use. Do it now, and you’ll have an advantage, imagine the possibilities. I will write more on this topic on my Twitter channel, so make sure you follow me.

I hope that this will make you start thinking about product ideas. Don’t forget to share this article and help spread the word. Thanks for reading. More great ideas are coming, stay tuned.