Magic Leap One killer apps

Magic Leap One Launch Killer Apps

When you release a new highly anticipated product like the Magic Leap One, you should have a great app to showcase its possibilities. Well, Microsoft has done it when she showcased its HoloLens AR glasses and Apple when it introduced ARKit—so what Magic Leap One has to offer?

I took a look at the Magic Leap fact sheet PDF file. If you look at page 8, you can see a set of core applications that are bundled with the system. This includes:

  • Helio – 3D web browser app
  • Gallery – for viewing and managing multimedia files, including images, videos, and 3D virtual content
  • Screens – like a TV experience in mixed-reality, including live on-demand cinema, television, sports, and news enriched in mixed reality of course
  • Social – avatar communication, real-time streaming applications and more

All those apps run on Lumin OS, which is the core operating system that Magic Leap One runs on. This the OS that developers will be targeting this app for.

Now, on page 9, you can see a description of what looks like some of the more interesting fully featured apps.

Dr. Grorbort’s Invaders

The first one is called Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders, which is a hyper-realistic action mixed reality game where you fight evil bots who invaded your living room. Use your ray gun (controlled using a handheld controller) to fight back. The robots are coming from the portals in your walls and floor (kind of reminds me of Space Blastards) but here the portals are placed on walls and floors detected by the Magic Leap One cameras.

I didn’t find an official video, but the game appears in the original concept video. Check out minute 0:35 in this video below.

You can see a player grabbing a weapon and fighting enemies coming out of portals. This is obviously enhanced for promotional purposes. Again, I haven’t found any actual gameplay video yet, but it should be something similar to that.

This game was developed by Weta Workshop, a five-time Academy Award-winning design studio and physical manufacturing facility.

Create by Magic Leap Studios

The second app is called “Create” and it was developed by Magic Leap Studios. It’s a sandbox app in mixed reality where, and I quote: “Anything’s impossible”. You can turn your house into an undersea world, pain, draw, build and create and ways never possible before. You can pain your walls using World Brush, play dominos, construct a rollercoaster and more.

This app was developed to give new users a taste of what Magic Leap is all about. To emphasize its unique features and capabilities. Of course to make that, who is better than Magic Leap itself who knows its product more than anyone else.

For this one, I actually found a video on YouTube, so here you go!

Looks nice, let’s move on.


The third Magic Leap app is TÓNANDI, developed by Magic Leap Studios in collaboration with Sigur Rós. This apps is an interactive audio-visual exploration of the sounds and spirit of Sigur Rós.

Using this app, players can interact with the environment in a natural way with sounds and personality inhabiting the real world environment and invites interaction.

This is the app that was shown to the first people on the outside that got a chance to experience Magic Leap, way before it was launched.

Here is the video:

It supposes to be a relaxing and magical experience where you can actually touch and interact with audio-visual virtual elements in a very unique way that wasn’t possible before.

Well, these what seems to be Magic Leap’s killer apps for the Magic Leap one from what I’ve seen. Whether there are another killer apps out there, I’m still investigating.

What do yo uguys think about those apps?