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Magic Leap One Wishful Thinking

The Magic Leap One is here, well kind of, for those who can actually afford it. For $2,295, it reminds me of the early days of VR where users needed to pay around $1600 to get the Oculus Rift (inc. compatible computer and headset). Now, this is an even higher price. Of course, this is a Creator Edition launch product. We can expect this product to be bought by developers, tech-savvy people, and enthusiast who wouldn’t mind paying the high price to either get the first to get their hands on it or use it to be among the first to release new mixed reality experienced for it.

I can’ afford it, I wish I could, However, at this point, in general, the product isn’t aimed at the mass market. Its price is immensely high, many people still waiting on the fence to see Apple’s next move in this market, there are an only a limited amount of bundled apps and games available or it and based on some of the early reviews, I think there will be many people who will wait for this “test run” to be over and maybe wait for improved version 2.0 to come out.

It was more or less like that with virtual reality (VR). When you look at all the information, you are not surprised why some of those who tried it still look at it like an experimental product. From a logical standpoint, you might ask yourself, well, if this billion-dollar company wants to earn from it, why not release it with already a large set of apps and make the price affordable, like what Apple released its first iPhone. Apple wouldn’t release the first iPhone in “Creator” product and let it cook for several years, so why a great new tech product needs such a launch? Well, I guess that because it’s a very new emerging field, those companies want to take it in a small step, test it out, gain feedback from developers, allow developers time to adapt, etc. Maybe its also because of the high production price and the need to satisfy investors. You can just release such a product that hundreds of millions were put into his production and sell it for a very low price, can you?

The thing is that fast adaptation is very important, especially in a very competitive market. I’m sure when and if Apple releases its AR/MR/VR (or whatever mixture it is) glasses, it would sell it at an “affordable” price. Why do you ask? it’s simple, because it’s not just about the glasses, it’s about the apps. This why made the iPhone such an incredible device and what gave it such a competitive advantage. Developers are encouraged to develop to a platform that has a large user base, it doesn’t change because those are mixed reality glasses, the same thing applies here.

I am not a marketing person, just a guy who loves the AR/MR/VR industry, enjoying using its related apps and love sharing my experience with it. I am disappointed with the price obviously, because I cannot afford it at this time, like many other people. But having said that, there is time. If I could I would have bought it in order to share my experience, but right now there are really not many apps, and it will probably get dust until more apps will be released for it. So thinking about it, waiting might not be a bad idea. Meanwhile, those who this product edition is aimed for, the developers, can start experimenting with and develop cool apps for it.

In the future, when I do pick it up, hopefully, it will have a nice selection of apps for it. The other thing is that I also don’t know when Apple is planning to release its AR glasses and whether those will be Mixed Reality ones. Some say it’s going to be next year in 2019 but nobody knows for certain. So it’s all about waiting and waiting, and right now, we stick to the current technology of AR that keeps improving in each iteration. There are plenty of great apps and games out there that I’ve already enjoyed and more coming each week.

Aside from anything said above, I am excited about the release because every new Mixed reality product takes out closer to that new reality, a time when we can experience AR/MR without holding a device in our hands and enjoy more comfortable, intuitive and engaging new experiences. Well, this is just me and my wishful thinking, but of course, I will be on my toes waiting to see what you developers are going to come out with. Share it with me on Twitter if you are developing something cool 🙂