Tibb AR

Tibb AR – Game Review (iOS)

Two days ago I’ve downloaded the game Tibb AR. The beautiful app’s icon caught my attention and I’ve decided to check it out. The game turned out to be a great little AR game. Find out more in my in-depth game review.

What is Tibb AR?

Tibb AR is a wacky 360-degree Egg Hunt Battle Augmented Reality arcade game where the goal is to try to survive as long as possible while collecting magic eggs, and avoid touching rotten eggs.

This is a score based game and there is a global leaderboard associated with it.

Tibb AR Gameplay

Slow motion effect in Tibbi AR game
The slow-motion effect is really cool, but also essential for surviving longer. Look at all those eggs, start swiping!

Players will need to tap or swipe through colorful eggs which are spread around them.At the top, you see your total score and your health bar. If that bar reaches zero, the game ends.

A health is reduced if you accidentally tap or swipe through rotten eggs (the black egg with the green skull) or get hit by one of those eggs that Tibb is throwing at you.

Players can replenish health by swiping through three eggs of the same color.  The game also has power-ups, like egglixir eggs that add health, Time Wrap eggs that slow down time (bullet-time effect), Double Yolks that multiply your collection, and Egg Zappers that zip all the Good Eggs at one. There are also Flappy Eggs that fly pas your head and of course the Rotten Eggs that should be avoided.

Swipe eggs of the same color to replenish health
Swipe eggs of the same color to replenish health

Tobb AR also features more than 36 challenge which gives the player medium-term objectives to follow. For example, some achievements require you to catch Tebbi’s eggs while in mid-air, do 10 egg swipe streak, complete shape challenges by catching a circle or square egg fountain, etc.

Here, take a look at some gameplay action!

360° Gameplay

Rotten egg smashed accidentally
Rotten egg smashed accidentally

I’m personally not a big fan of 360° gameplay, but this is because most of the 360° Augmented Reality games that I’ve played weren’t designed right. They actually made me feel quite dizzy and they cause me to turn like mad on-spot which was quite annoying.

I did play quite a lot of them, including among others: Polygoons, Ninja Attack!, Space Invasion ARAR Space Wars, and War of the AI.

It’s amazing how some simple direction marks can help reduce that inconvenience. Tibb AR was actually one of those games that the 360° gameplay felt good. First of all, Tibb himself is the only “enemy” that you need to deal with in the game. He spawns in different places every few seconds.

There is a marker that shows you where he is located if he’s positioned outside the screen’s boundaries. So instead of rotating like crazy and searching for him, you just need to make a quick turn to the location where the marker is pointing.

Tibb will throw rotten eggs at you. To stop him, you can suspend his throw by tapping on him. Sometimes by doing so, you’ll get rewarded with many good eggs.

Strategic Gameplay

Tobb AR high score 731
My best score so far, 731 points!

I found myself turning around quite allot, searching for good eggs to swipe through in order to obtain a higher score. However, just tapping eggs won’t do it. To survive longer, you’ll need to match colors, making sure you pick up the slow-down egg or the health regeneration egg only when needed.

For example, I kept the “slow down time” eggs and tap them only when I’ve heard Tibb’s voice, which signals a rotten egg incoming. This gave me time to react and immobilize him. It also gave me more time to carefully swipe through eggs of the same color and replenish health.

AR Experience

Girl walking and smashing an egg in augmented reality
Hey lady, excuse me, don’t step on my eggs, please.

When the game starts, it encourages the player to look around him, searching for the starting eggs. This allows the game to continue scanning the surface in the background, although the game does ask the user for initial scanning of the surface and even alert the user if more light is needed. As you scan the floor, nice paper-crafted grass will cover the floor, showing you the scanned area, it looks really nice, even the UI enjoys this beautiful paper-crafted user interface.

A minute into the round, you’ll found yourself surrounded by lots of eggs. Usually, in AR game you either have a big well-defined gameplay borders or a few game characters or objects in the scene. So it was really cool to see dozens of colorful eggs lying on the floor all around me. The entire place turned into an egg resort, LOL.

You know, the game tells the story of a worldwide network of underground egg factories that pop eggs into the world via magical portals.  Well, it definitely feels like those underground dudes are hardworking because they really produce tons of eggs in a very short time.

I liked that the game is placing eggs even far from the player because it requires holding the iPhone or iPad also in front positioning and therefore you don’t find yourself just staring at the ground the whole time.

One thing was missing for me is more airborne action. Catching thrown eggs is a good option, but I just felt that I could have enjoyed it more as an AR game with more use of the vertical space.

Furthermore, although the game takes place 360-degrees around the player, there is actually no need to move around the place. You just need to quickly turn fast to stun the bunny before he throws a rotten egg at you. Even spending time trying to avoid getting hit by the eg is not needed, you better focus on matching those colors, which can help to recover by replenishing the health that you lost from the rotten egg.

Overall, the game does good use of ARKit’s surface recognition to deliver a fun gameplay augmented reality gameplay experience. Also, Bunny Tibb is cute and funny 🙂


You know, there are some AR games that don’t get me excited about breaking my own high score, but Tibb AR actually made me want to push harder and try to move up the global leaderboard.

This is very important for retention for these type of games. Having said that, aside from the challenging, there aren’t any other long-term objectives or unlockable rewards.

Tibb AR turned out to be an enjoyable AR arcade game. I also think that this game is very suitable for children. I am not saying that just because of the colorful art and the cute bunny character. The game controls are very simple. The developer seemed to make sure that the controls use familiar gestures that every one of us is already familiar with (tap and swipe).

Furthermore, the game is mostly played with the device facing downwards, which reduce hand fatigue and allow the player to play for a long period of time. This is very important for survival AR games or ones that require players to play for long durations. when you come good at this game, you can even play it like 5 minutes straight or even more. This aspect of AR game design can easily be overlooked, and that in mind, I think that using minimal use of the vertical space was actually a good game design decision.

The game technically can be played anywhere. I’ve played it in my tiny room, but it’s best played outdoors in a large environment.

I also really liked the opening screen and the official website at tib.bar.

Tebbi AR makes good use of the popular color-matching gameplay mechanic and spices it up with engaging 360-degree fast-paced AR gameplay.

think Icoms Technologies, its developer, did a very good job with this game. I had a lot of fun with it. The game was challenging, entertaining (I really like how Tibb laughs at me when he popped me with an egg), it’s cheerful and vibrant, with easy controls, and it has a comfortable gameplay pace. All in all, I definitely recommend downloading it.


I am currently #1 top player in the world with 731 egg points—Can you beat me?