Angle wings AR sticker

Imagining the Future AR/MR Expos

Seoul VR/AR Expo 2018 was almost all virtual reality. Only a few AR companies attended. You can clearly see that VR is very much matured and AR is in its early stages.

As I was walking across the exhibition hall, I came across a sticker on the floor. I was told to use ARLOOPA App on the sticker to make a virtual Leopard come alive.

I did just that, and it was pretty cool to see a life-size leopard coming to life and walking around the place. Just imagine wearing AR glasses and walking inside an AR/MR exhibition. Probably with a dedicated app, dragons will fly on your head, a virtual host will appear and invite you to come and check out their booth. Maybe if you are registered, they will even greet you with your own name and offer you a gift in return.

Walking there, even with the limited attended AR products, I could clearly see how it might look like in the near future. Attending an AR or Mixed Reality exhibition will be like you are inside a movie. I think that some people will enter those exhibitions just to see the attractive virtual “presentations” that companies have carefully crafted for those exhibitions.

Trick eye museum expoI’ve also come across Trickeye museum section that was part of a virtual arcade venue that was exhibited there. The exhibition was based on stickers, but instead of being on the floor, they were placed on the wall. Scanning those stickers with your phone brought up some cool virtual effects and animated characters.towards. You can actually found the same stickers at the Trickeye Museum itself.

I will be really amazing visiting an XR Expo, especially with AR/MR glasses on and being able to experience it in a way that nobody did before.

It will be like that moment in the amusement park when you enter the dark tunnel where all the monsters are. You have no idea what’s waiting for you in there, but you know it’s going to be amazing. This is how I personally see those XR expos being like in the future and let’s hope that it comes sooner than later.

I assume that in the first shows, people will only get to use their phones or tablets for that. The sticker scanning process is still slow and therefore can impair the experience. Even with ARLOOPA app, it took me like 20 seconds until the Leopard appeared (have no idea why maybe due to relatively poor lighting or just slow scanning process). In the future, we’ll come with our AR glasses, and all we need to do to make the magic happen is just, well, look around.

I think that the Trick Eye part of Seoul VR/AR Expo 2018 was one of the things that made me realize how future AR-related expos will be like. One thing for sure, it won’t be like this show where the floor was half dark to make the VR arcade machine pop, AR needs good lighting, so the place might look more illuminated than this expo.

To make those AR expos more attractive, they have to be interactive. One of the main reason many people attended the Seoul VR/AR Expo 2018 is to be able to try those VR arcades and experiences themselves. AR expo should be exactly like that, allowing people to play and experience AR in first hand. Games will definitely be a major part of these events.

If I was to attend an AR event like that, I would create a big dragon flying around the arena and people fighting against him together with a reward offered at the end if it is beaten. I don’t know, something grandiose and exciting. These type of events are definitely open for creative possibilities and I’m sure it can be even more exciting than as I imagine it to be.