HADO Spring Cup 2018

HADO Spring Cup 2018 Tournament Live Steam

I’ve already subscribed to meleap_HADO channel so I can get notified when they stream the HADO Spring Cup 2018 tournament.

I am a SLAM DivA fan and I really wanted to see how my friends are playing and cheer them (in the comment section, as I am already back in Seoul).

HADO is such a fun game to watch. It’s way more intensive with three players playing in each team. The arena is small, so there is a big difference when I played it 2-vs-2 and how intensive it gets when playing it 3-vs-3.

At the beginning of the stream, the host gave the user a short explanation about the game so newcomers can understand it better before watching the actual game.

The HADO gameplay is shown in different angles, including a top-down view, like watching a computer game. Of course, you can see all the virtual elements in the game, including the “life leaves”, the deployed shields and the fireballs that players are shooting against each other. There is also a player marketing (e.g. P1, P2, P3), so you can easily recognize each player.

When the game comes to a draw, you have a matchpoint round, where the first team who achieve a point wins the match. At the end of the round you can also see some statistics about the match and who was the MVP.

It’s so cool watching an augmented reality HADO game on stream, it’s like you are watching a video game, but instead of 3D models, you have real players in it.

You can check out the live HADO Spring Cup 2018 steam here and don’t forget to subscribe to Meleap HADO channel so you get notified when new live tournaments are broadcast live.