Digital Media City, Seoul

Digital Media City in Seoul: Interesting Statue

Today I took a bus to Digital Media City in Seoul, South Korea.  The are ais a high-tech complex for digital technologies, exhibitions, offices and other places and attractions.  You can check out this link that will show you the place on Google Maps if you intend to visit this place anytime soon.

Anyways, I was there to visit Digital Pavilion,  a VR/AR exhibition space. The problem is that the official website was in Korean only, so I didn’t know that I need to book a place a day in advance. I do plan to go there on April 4th by the way.

So while I was there, I saw a beautiful statue. The thing is that unlike other statues, this one looked like you are watching an augmented reality 3D model.

The status was designed with two low-poly 3D like characters with a red rectangular frame in the middle. It actually supposed to look like a single character touching his reflection through a mirror, I guess.

Anyways, maybe because I consume a lot of reality in the past year, the first moment I saw it I really thought this is a hologram. This is probably one of the more interesting statues that I’ve seen lately. It definitely had an effect on me, as a technology enthusiast and one that loves augmented reality.

I just wanted to share those photos that I’ve taken of that statue. Tell me if you feel the same when viewing these photos?

Looks interesting, isn’t it?

This place is really interesting and I intend to go visit it again and explore the area, as well as visiting Digital Pavilion but this time with a reservation ticket.

Oh, I have a tip for you if you try to sign up for a reservation for Digital Pavilion.  You need to visit Then you click the purple icon in the menu. Then choose the left option. When you get to the form filling section, I recommend using Google Developer Tools CTRL+SHIFT+I, then select the input field and see the description in the “name” attribute, and then you know how to feel it.

I hope that they put an English version as well, so it will be easier for foreigners who don’t know how to read Korean, to be able to reserve a ticket. Also, you can buy a ticket ad the place itself, I was there and asked. they told me the only way to do it is via the website, just so you know.