Educational augmented reality apps

New Educational AR Apps for iPhone and iPad (March, 2018)

During this week I stumbled upon quite a few educational augmented reality (AR) iOS apps on the App Store. It seems more and more developers are trying to educate users using in AR and that good news.

Augmented Reality is a great technology to help capture the attention of the user, increase engagement and make the learning process a more enjoyable and exciting experience. It definitely works well for me, from my own experience.

The four educational augmented reality apps that I want to share with you in this article are Yakables (by ZooTube, LLC), 321 Launch (by USA Today), WWF Free Rivers (by World Wildlife Fund) and ARWaste (by Fabrizio Maggiacomo).

In really enjoy using educational augmented reality apps. A few of my favorite ones are JigSpace, FishingGO, Mr. Body (for MergeCube) and Math Ninja. I learn new things every time I try out those apps.

Here is a video showing all of the four apps. For more information and download links, continue reading.

All of the iOS AR apps listed below are free. OK, without further ado let’s check them out.

ARWaste (by Fabrizio Maggiacomo)

Bicycle bin in augmented reality

AR Waste is an augmented reality app that put a goal to itself to teach people about how to recycle waste. You have three bins in front of you, one for organic, another one for paper and the last one for other garbage.  The app presents different waste and you need to throw it in the right bin. If you put it in the wrong bin, you lost a point and you get a point for putting it in the right one. You have a limited time to try to achieve as many points as possible.

Download ARWaste free for your iPhone or iPad here.

Yakables (by ZooTube, LLC)

Virtual 3D panda character in augmented reality

Yakables is an entertaining education augmented reality app for iOS that uses voice recognition. You can talk with a virtual Panda character, ask it questions and learn more about this beautiful animal.  In the first release there is only Panda character, but in the future, the developer plans to add more animals.

I really like this app because it has good educational value, it also tests the player and it features funny voiceovers as well.

Download Yakables free for your iOS iPhone or iPad here.

321 Launch (By USA TODAY)

321 launch app screenshot

This app by USA TODAY teaches people about a rocket launch experience. This app guides the user through the process of preparing for a rocket launch until liftoff. It uses detailed information, alongside professional narration and animation to give users a good understanding of how this process works. As of the time of writing, the app feature Falcom 9 rocket, but the developer plans to add Atlas V very soon.

Users can also tap see an augmented reality virtual rocket launch of a real rocket launch event in real time. I am already waiting to test it out with the next rocket launch planned for approximately three days as of the time of writing.

Download 321 Launch app free for your iPhone or iPad here.

WWF Free Rivers (by World Wildlife Fun)

WWF Free Rivers app screenshot

WWF Free Rivers is an augmented reality educational iOS app. It gives users an option to learn more about the importance of rivers for the lives of people and wildlife. How living beings become dependent on those river flows, learn about the impact of dams and what alternative options are there for a sustainable development that keeps the river health and flowing.

The app also incorporates two mini-games to make the learning experience more interactive and fun.

Download WWF Free Rivers free for your iPhone or iPad here.

Hope you enjoy reading this article and found at least one of those apps interesting. Don’t forget to follow my social channels to stay up-to-date with all the great and latest AR apps, Cheers!